Job Ready Release Notes (06/06/2023)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Security improvements

Add attachments to email from the Files Library [Product Idea]

You can now add attachments to emails from the Files Library when contacting a Job Seeker. This provides a quicker, more streamlined process with less chance of uploading the wrong file.

Resume Scanning

We have expanded our Document Scanning functionality to include resumes. This will help ensure that your users don't accidentally upload documents to the wrong Job Seeker record, which could result in a potential breach of a participant's personally identifiable information (PII). Just like with Document Scanning, Job Ready will scan an uploaded resume for an ESS identifier, name, email, and preferred name. If neither the ESS identifier nor email are present, the system will prompt the user to confirm the document belongs to the correct Job Seeker record before proceeding with the upload.

Please note that Resume Scanning only supports text-based files and cannot scan images for text.

Audit trail for Permissions

Admin users can now see who has altered permissions in Job Ready's admin settings through a new Audit Trail available from the user profile. 

Beta: Mark Job Seeker records as confidential [Product Idea]

Job Seeker records can now be marked as confidential, which will prevent the record from appearing on the All Job Seekers index page and Global Search. When a Job Seeker record is marked as confidential, only the case manager and Admin users will be able to view the record.

This functionality is currently in beta. To trial this for your organisation, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Usability Improvements

Customer Support Plan functionality improvements

You can now filter by Support Plan Status on the All Job Seekers index page. You can also add multiple comments to a Customer Support Plan, which will all be visible from the Audit Trail. 

'Create' button changed to 'Send' in emails

The 'Create' button in the email modal has been changed to 'Send'. This minor change better reflects the functionality of the button.

New API Endpoints

We have added new API Endpoints that allow you to:

  • Query if a Job Seeker has a resume attached from another system using our API
  • Push documents to a Job Seeker record using our API

See our API documentation for more details.

New ESS Subscriptions

The following subscriptions are now available in Job Ready:

  • SUB482 Workforce Australia Services Activity Management
  • SUB486 Workforce Australia Services Activity Referrals Report

Please reach out to your Customer Support Manager for more details.


  • An issue preventing users from adding a sub-status on DES and Transition to Work records has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Placement Start Dates and Outcome Start Dates from syncing on Transition to Work Education Placements.
  • Organisation records experienced an issue where certain activities on these records would not update the Traffic Light status. This has now been fixed.

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