ESS Self-Service: Managing Subscriptions in Job Ready

The ESS Self-Service functionality is a powerful tool that enables organisations to maintain and implement department subscriptions internally, eliminating subscription generation delays and empowering them to manage their own data. This helpdesk article provides a comprehensive guide on using the ESS self-service functionality in Job Ready to manage subscriptions efficiently.

Accessing the ESS Self-Service Modal:

To access the ESS self-service modal, you need to have admin-level user access with permission to manage admin settings. Follow these steps to find the subscription modal:

  1. Log in to Job Ready with your admin account.
  2. Navigate to the admin settings section.
  3. Search for "ESS Subscriptions" to locate the subscription modal.
  4. Once you access the ESS Self-Service functionality, you will find a complete list of available subscriptions supported by Job Ready, categorized by programme.

The following details are provided for each subscription:

  • Subscription Code: A unique identifier for the subscription.
  • Description: A brief description of the subscription.
  • Subscription ID: A unique ID generated when creating the subscription.
  • Report Name: The name of the report associated with the subscription.
  • Organization Code: The code associated with the organization linked to the subscription.
  • Base Subscription: Indicates whether it is a core subscription or not.
  • Last Updated By: The user who last updated the subscription.
  • Sync Status: The current synchronization status of the subscription.
  • Last Sync Date: The date of the last synchronization for the subscription.
  • In addition to the above details, a footer is provided that outlines the filter criteria for the subscriptions listed.

Editing Subscriptions:

To be able to edit the department subscriptions, an admin-level user requires the "ESS Subscription Admin(OSC)".

To make changes to a subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the subscription you want to edit in the ESS Self-Service functionality.
  2. Under the Action tab, click the "Edit" button associated with the subscription.
  3. A modal will appear, presenting a drop-down menu where you can select the subscription code to apply during the next data synchronization, which typically occurs overnight.

The drop-down menu also displays information about the user who created the subscription and the creation date.


ESS self-service in Job Ready offers organisations the ability to manage their subscriptions efficiently and independently. By following the steps outlined in this helpdesk article, administrators can access the ESS self-service modal, view subscription details, and make necessary edits to synchronize subscription data effectively.

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