Job Ready Release Notes (05/07/2023)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Document signatures from Jobseeker

Case managers can trigger emails from Job Ready requesting signature of documents. The status can be tracked by the case manager and signed documents can be viewed and downloaded upon completion. Additionally, jobseekers can now view and sign documents digitally via Job Ready without printing, scanning and re-uploading.


Document signing

Previously, users would be unable to sign documents if they kept them open for more than 1 minute. This restriction has been removed. They would be blocked from uploading jobseeker portal documents that were larger than 5MB. This limit has been increased to 10MB. UI adjustments have also been made to improve the experience of users with smaller screens.

DES Outcome Fees 2023/24 rate change

New claim rates have been applied to Job Ready for the DES Programme.

Improvement to placement panel on Details page

The Placements panel on the Jobseeker Details page now has improved data handling, instead of giving the impression that placements are missing. Users can click through to the Placements index page with clear expectations of the number of placements, and users can also scroll within the panel to see all placements.

Lead Status Audit History

Status changes to leads are reflected in a history of changes on the Lead Details Page.


  • On the employer details page, trading name would previously be used in the absence of a legal name. If there is no legal name, the field is now blank.

  • A bug with with TTW Outcome start dates and Placement start dates has been fixed, whereas previously they were displaying incorrectly in the UI.

  • Professional services activities couldn’t be approved if a lookup failed to find an expense type on the Workforce Australia programme. This has been fixed.

  • Clicking email notifications from the CCU Kanban Board now displays the correct claim, rather than an error.

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