Job Ready Release Notes (13/09/2023)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Job Match Functionality Improvements

We've made a couple new enhancements to Job Match Attributes to Job Ready. 

Region Search when Recommending Job Seekers

When clicking on "Recommend Job Seekers" from the Jobs Board, a new Region filter is available to use based on your site level grouping. Selecting a region from the drop-down menu and clicking the Filter button will display all Job Seekers that fit your criteria.


Suggested Job Seekers display on Vacancy records

A list of suggested Job Seekers will display on a Vacancy record under "Job Seekers" on the bottom panel. Suggested Job Seekers will be displayed above Job Seekers who have been manually recommended to a Vacancy and will display in order of their percentage match to the Job Match Attributes listed on the Vacancy.

Time Spent and Travel Time Summary added to Notes index page

A summary of time spent in appointments and time spent travelling will now display at the top of the Notes index page. This will dynamically change based on the filters selected and can be useful for providers wishing to report on time spent undertaking activities related to their cohorts.

Additional time frames for Action Plan Reminders

Admin users can now set up time frames and control the Due At field via a checkbox. These can be found under the "Time Frames" tab added to Action Plan settings. 

Time frames can be set against your Action Plan reminders. If the "Due At Required" box is unchecked, the field will be hidden, as shown:

Improved Expense linking to Referrals

Under Program Referrals on any Job Seeker record, we have added additional columns and exposed costs on the Referral Activities table. This will make linking expenses to activities easier and provide information up front to users.


  • Incorrect warning message when fortnights do not match for Wage Histories: In some cases, where Job Ready was not receiving subscription information for Wage Histories, an error message "DHS Fortnight is split" was displaying. The wording of this error message is incorrect, and will now display the following: "There are no available Declaration Subscriptions available to populate the DHS Fortnights. ESS and Payslip data will be required to be updated manually". 

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