Job Ready Release Notes (12/10/2023)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Job Match suggestion replenishment

  • Enhanced Job Recommendations for Coaches: Job Coaches can now enjoy an updated Job Seeker Details page that automatically replenishes suggested vacancies with new options each time the participant is recommended, ensuring a constant stream of potential job matches.
  • Improved Job Seeker Suggestions for Placement Officers: We've refined the Vacancy Details page to instantly refresh the list of suggested participants as soon as one is recommended to a vacancy, offering Placement Officers an expanded pool of candidates to consider.

Improved suggested Job Seekers for Vacancies

We have improved suggested Job Seekers on Vacancy records by auto-filtering by location. This is inferred by site, and you can remove the filter as required if you're less concerned about location.

Added 'Created At' field on Professional Services Activity notes

Professional Services Activity notes now have both an 'Occurred At' and 'Created At' field that can be reported on for auditing purposes. The report shows when the note was created and when the note activity occurred. 


  • Navigation bar adjustments to match length of labels: Some labels on the left navigation menu were displaying on a different row than their corresponding icons. This resulted in an inconsistent and less visually appealing user interface. To fix this, we have made the scroll bar thinner and reduced the size of the menu icons.
  • Staff details not populating in EPROF expenses: An issue that prevented staff details from populating when selecting "Own Organisation" as the supplier in an EPROF expense has been resolved.
  • Forms not correctly displaying dependent answers: We fixed an issue that caused forms to display incorrectly where questions with conditions were used.
  • Incorrect display of ESS next diary appointments: A bug affecting the display of the correct ESS next diary appointment date has been identified and fixed. Job Ready now displays accurate information.

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