Job Ready Release Notes (25/10/2023)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Expenses can now be disabled system-wide

Expenses can now be turned off at a company-wide level if desired. When disabled, the usual expense features seen across the system will be removed, including index pages and dashboard widgets. Expenses will continue to remain enabled by default - customers will see no change unless they opt-in to disabling the feature. Contact Job Ready Support or your Customer Success Manager for more information about disabling expenses.


New filters added to Wage Subsidies and Appointment Results index pages

The following filters have been added to Job Ready:

Wage Subsidies

  • Job Seeker Site Region: allows for reporting on Wage Subsidies based on the Site Region
  • Job Seeker Site State: allows for reporting on Wage Subsidies based on the Site State

Appointment Results

  • Job Seeker Status: Filter for appointments based on Job Seeker Status

New Wage Subsidy Placement Report added

A new report to count and view Placements with a Wage Subsidy as a percentage has been added to the Reports section of Job Ready.

Improvements to Vouchers index page

The following improvements have been made to the Vouchers index page:

  • Column headers have been renamed to match status
  • An "Issued" column has been added
  • The index page is now exportable as a CSV

Additional transfer reason for the transferred Job Seeker status

When a Job Seeker is transferred, the transfer reason will display in the Key Information panel on the Job Seeker record.

Suggested Job Seekers on the Jobs Board are now hidden by default

Suggested Job Seekers will now be hidden by default when viewing the Jobs Board. To view them, you can click the collapsible chevron at the bottom of the modal. This change was implemented to prevent personally identifiable information being inadvertently displayed to Job Seekers during appointments with their Job Coach.

Jobs Board suggestions are now automatically filtered by location

Suggested Job Seekers are now automatically filtered by region, which is inferred by site, on the Jobs Board. This is to ensure recommendations are relevant.

This functionality already exists on Vacancy and Job Seeker records and has been extended to the Jobs Board. This filter can be removed or edited if location is less relevant to a vacancy, or if a Job Seeker is willing and able to relocate for work.

Wage Subsidy Requests can now be submitted without a pre-existing Placement

To better cater for the workflows of some customers, users can now create Wage Subsidy Requests without a Placement, and add the Placement later.


  • Failing BDF records creating new Companies automatically: Not all Employer records are provided to Job Ready from ESS BDF data in related Employer Subscriptions. As a result, dependent records were failing as the Employer record would not exist in Job Ready. This issue would affect the import of Vacancies, Referrals, Placements, and Claims. To fix this issue, Job Ready will automatically create a Company record if an existing record cannot be found before importing a Vacancy.
  • Attachment tags not filterable when associated with Evidence attachments: Some clients encountered an issue where tags added to Evidence attachments for claims could not be filtered, despite the tags being correctly displayed on the attachment. This has now been resolved. 
  • Incorrect user mapping for Workforce Australia referrals including export: We have fixed an issue where some customers were experiencing an issue where incorrect users were being assigned to referrals, causing incorrect data mapping for users relying on the export for program monitoring and reporting.
  • Issue with Site Name filter in the Notes index page: The Site Name filter in the Notes index page was failing to display Job Seekers that should be included in the results based on the selected site name. This was hampering access to specific notes associated with some sites. This has been fixed.
  • Quest Forms - unable to submit form with required signature field: We have fixed an issue that prevented some customers from filling out and submitting Quest forms with a required signature field unless they first saved the form as a draft.

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