Upcoming database changes RELEASE 08 November 2023

-ActiveRecord::Schema[7.0].define(version: 2023_10_12_073203) do
+ActiveRecord::Schema[7.0].define(version: 2023_11_02_231142) do
   # These are extensions that must be enabled in order to support this database
   enable_extension "citext"
   enable_extension "hstore"
@@ -1541,8 +1541,8 @@ create_table "individual_development_schedules", force: :cascade do |t|
     t.integer "jobseeker_id"
     t.integer "created_by_id", null: false
     t.integer "individual_development_schedule_template_id"
-    t.datetime "starts_at", precision: nil
-    t.datetime "ends_at", precision: nil
+    t.datetime "starts_at"
+    t.datetime "ends_at"
     t.text "title"
     t.text "description"
     t.datetime "created_at", null: false
@@ -2842,6 +2842,7 @@ create_table "referral_sources", id: :serial, force: :cascade do |t|
     t.datetime "updated_at", precision: nil, null: false
     t.boolean "active", default: true, null: false
     t.string "lead_sub_source_type", default: "optional"
+    t.string "referring_organisation_company_type"

   create_table "referrals", id: :serial, force: :cascade do |t|
@@ -3136,7 +3137,6 @@ create_table "settings", id: :serial, force: :cascade do |t|
     t.boolean "intercept_emails", default: false
     t.jsonb "support_types_requiring_forms", default: {}, null: false
     t.jsonb "trackable_placement_forms", default: {}, null: false
-    t.integer "number_of_characters_per_sms", default: 160, null: false
     t.integer "number_of_sms_per_message"
     t.integer "allied_health_company_id"
     t.integer "expense_tolerance_percent"
@@ -3461,6 +3461,14 @@ create_table "sub_statuses", id: :serial, force: :cascade do |t|
     t.index ["name", "status"], name: "index_sub_statuses_on_name_and_status", unique: true

+  create_table "superset_dashboards", force: :cascade do |t|
+    t.integer "ss_id"
+    t.string "ss_uuid"
+    t.string "ss_dashboard_title"
+    t.datetime "created_at", null: false
+    t.datetime "updated_at", null: false
+  end
   create_table "supplier_purchase_orders", id: :serial, force: :cascade do |t|
     t.integer "company_id", null: false
     t.integer "expense_credit_card_id"

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