Job Ready Release Notes (17/01/2024)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Brand new menu and navigation!

New year, new (looking) Job Ready.

To make the user experience and navigation of our platform easier for new-starters and veteran Job Ready users alike, we've refreshed our menu and navigation. This is currently available for testing on your Staging site.

This change will be going live on your Production site on 1 February, so be sure to check it out before then! 

Key benefits

More intuitive iconography, with collapsible menu for more screen real estate...

'Add New' functions brought into one place, reducing clutter in sub-menus...

Easier to find search menu and settings...

And more powerful search functionality, so you don't need to go to a search results page!

Multiple NAT Exports for different business units

Admin users can now set up new NAT exports for different business units in NAT Export Settings. These can be created and named appropriately for each separate bank account.

When on the Expenses page, Finance users can select the appropriate NAT Export as named by their Administrator.


Job Match Attributes ordered alphabetically

In each configuration area for Job Match Attributes, including requirements and job skills, the attributes are now sorted alphabetically by default to make configuration easier.

Relative Filters on Alerts

Additional date options have been added on the Support and Outcome trackers to configure saved search and Alerts.

Queries tab moved for enhanced navigation

Previously, the Queries tab was sorted under Finance in the navigation menu. The change is particularly beneficial as queries may contain various subjects beyond finance and it's now readily accessible without being nested under a specific category.

Create notes for Wage Subsidies

Users can now create detailed notes against Wage Histories to help facilitate smoother record-keeping and audits. The enhancement streamlines the documentation process for Wage Subsidies and enhances compliance management.

Set an Assignee for Wage Subsidies

Wage Subsidies can now be specifically assigned to designated staff members for better accountability and tracking. Keep an eye out for an upcoming update that will introduce an additional column in Saved Searches and Alerts for more comprehensive oversight.

Lead Reminders are now set by business days

Enhancements to the Leads module now ensure that reminders are set only on business days, making follow-up more efficient and aligning with standard work schedules.

Vacancy Result recommendations more prominent

We've revamped the Vacancies tab on the Job Seeker Details page, making recommendations more visible and user-friendly. The tooltip has been removed, and a new column has been added for clearer, direct recommendations.

View all payslip information for Wage Histories

Access payslip details more conveniently by expanding the fortnightly view in Wage Histories. This feature allows for a quick and thorough examination of payslip information.

Display OSA recommendations for DES Job Seekers

Extra information relevant to DES Job Seekers is now prominently displayed under the ESS panel, providing vital insights when applicable.

Comments can now be added to Health Sessions

You can now add brief, free-text comments to health sessions, aiding in more effective scheduling and communication regarding each session.

Health Session Rescheduling has been simplified

The process of rescheduling a Job Seeker's Health Appointment has been simplified. Instead of cancelling and rebooking, you can now directly reschedule, saving time and reducing administrative hassle.

New 'This Month' and 'Last Month' Filters added to date-relevant filters

We've enriched our date filtering capabilities by adding 'This Month' and 'Last Month' options. This update makes it easier to retrieve timely and relevant data.

New Filter - Number of Attended Appointments

A new filter has been introduced to help locate Job Seekers based on their attended appointments. This feature enhances the ability to track and analyse appointment attendance effectively.


  • Some users experienced an issue where SMS replies were not being captured in Job Ready. This issue has now been fixed.
  • An issue causing the Vacancy Details page to time out for some users has been resolved.
  • User site restrictions were not extending the Notes index page. This has now been fixed, and users will only see notes that are relevant to their site restrictions.

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