Job Ready Release Notes (13/02/2024)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Greater access to additional functionality

We have now made the following functionality available to all users!

1. Jobs Board – A Jobs Board view of the vacancies that exist in the system. This will be subject to a UI/UX overhaul later this financial year.

2. Vacancy creation – All providers can now create vacancies within the system. This will receive a UX/UI improvement shortly and follow our new “Add New” method.

3. Vacancy Management report – An extra report will be displayed with a detailed view of vacancies. 


4. Job Match attributes – A recently enhanced feature for Job Ready allows Job attributes to be assigned to Jobseekers and Vacancies. This allows for % score matching.

5. Key Information – Shows a Key Information panel on the Employer details page for a quick snapshot of that employer.

6. User/Site restrictions – When setting up a user, you can limit their access to specific sites.

Improved appointment management through Bulk Notes

Users can now add notes to appointments in bulk to more easily manage appointments and make the most of the Alerts functionality.

Confidential Jobseeker permission (Beta feature)

Admins will now have more granular control over who can view jobseekers marked as confidential. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to trial this feature while we develop it.

Bulk update jobseeker status

Some jobseekers will no longer get updates from ESS. You can now bulk change their status to exited or transfer. If the jobseeker receives a new update, it will change back to the assigned value.



Faster Wage History entry

We have implemented additional functionality to enter Wage Histories faster. Just check the “Save and add another” box and the data will save. The modal will then clear and be free for another entry.

Health reschedule icon change

We have changed the orange calendar icon to an arrow for better identification of each feature. 

Wage Subsidy improvements

We have made a number of improvements to the Wage Subsidy functionality.

1. Additional Wage Subsidy statuses – Additional statuses have been added for proceeding wage subsidies to provide more granular details and better team visibility.

2. Improved Status visibility  Displaying of sub-status for proceeding wage subsidies on results and details pages.

3. Improved UX – The following improvements have been made to the Wage Subsidy UX:

  • Action buttons have been reworked for more intuitive use and displaying buttons when users require them. 
  • Note functionality has been added to wage subsides for increased context and information gathering

4. Grouped Settings – All wage subsidy settings are now grouped together for easier setup.

Esher House results page improvements

There have been various improvements to the Esher House/Attitudinal survey results page. 

  1. Added additional filters to more easily find the results you're after
  2. Hyperlinked jobseeker and view icon for easier navigation

Turn Saved searches into Alerts in more places

The following pages' saved searches can now be turned into Alerts for greater visibility. This will allow for future deprecation of the DES Alerts page. 

  1. Vacancies
  2. Outcome Tracker
  3. Support Tracker

Product Idea - Adding attachments after Wage Histories have been saved

We listened to our customer base and have added the ability to add attachments after wage histories have been entered.

User setup simplification

We are starting a user simplification journey. As part of this, we have removed two of our permissions and as a result, all users can access Contacts and Employers. 


  • Fixed an issue with the new menu's UI where the CCU Kanban menu was obscured.
  • We removed an unnecessary horizontal scroll bar that appears on the Dashboard page.
  • Fixed an issue with Document Scanning so that users can now upload documents to claims without problems when the document scanning feature is enabled. 

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