Job Ready Release Notes (28/02/2024)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Admins can now create sites!

In this latest release, we have introduced an enhancement to the Admin function’s site management capability. Admin users can now establish a new site via the Admin > Sites tab. The New Site modal contains all necessary fields from the site’s edit modal plus an additional, mandatory ESS Identifier field to ensure site uniqueness. Note that the ESS ID on the Edit Site modal is for viewing purposes only and cannot be altered by admin users.

Improved Smart Form Filtering - Product Idea 

You can now quickly and easily find the correct jobseekers by filtering for jobseekers through the Smart Form result.

These can also be turned into saved searches and alerts.


Search Relevance Improvements

Based upon the user feedback survey results we have improved our search results. We will now elevate results based upon: 

  1. Matching between jobseeker and user sites
  2. When you are the linked case manager

SSO Login Improvements

We have improved our login experience for users that are forced to use Single Sign On by removing all unnecessary links and buttons.


  • Missing appointment types added - In response to failures during the import process, we have updated the AppointmentType enumeration by adding two new types: "WAOC" for "Workforce Australia Online Contact" and "WAOI" for "Workforce Australia Online Capability Interview". These additions will allow batches of WFA sub479 Appointments to import accurately, exhibiting the appropriate code and type on the jobseeker show page.

  • Company/Employer address autocomplete - We have addressed a persistent issue affecting the push of Employers to ESS that was failing due to incorrect address validation errors. To counter this, we've enhanced the address input process within the Organisation (Employer, Company, etc) or Lead creation by introducing an address completion component that was previously seen in the jobseeker modal. This modification is projected to reduce errors during ESS syncing by an estimated 80%.

  • Action plan reminder fix - We've rectified a bug that previously prevented the creation and selection of Action Plan reminder note templates. With this fix, admins can now create, edit, and select these templates without issue. This brings the actual function in line with the expected behavior, improving the efficiency and accuracy of case managers' work. Please ensure you see the Reminder category when the note template is viewed, as the category ActionPlanReminder has been replaced by Reminder in the database.

  • Marketo integration fix - After conducting a thorough investigation and running tests on our Marketo integration, indications suggest that the syncing issue has been addressed. A full test sync on a JobseekerLead in the staging environment was successful. Even under testing conditions with invalid date formats on fields like 'placement_job_ended_on' and 'result_entered_on', the Marketo syncing appeared to perform as expected. Hence, our Marketo integration appears to be functioning correctly, and will be monitored on production in the coming days.

  • Product ideas button fix - We've fixed a bug in the new UI preventing access to Canny through the product ideas button. Now, admin users will be correctly directed and logged into their Canny accounts, with new accounts created for first-time users.

  • Reindexing issue fixed - We've fixed a bug causing incorrect data display when filtering on the expense and vacancy indexes. Now, applying the finance status filter or the employer ID filter will yield accurate and comprehensive results, enhancing data interaction and accuracy on the platform.

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