Wage Subsidies: Configuring Eligibility Questionnaires and Smart Forms

Why is this important?

Eligibility Questionnaires allows for the first touch-point in the Wage Subsidy Request process to be automated. The answers given in an Eligibility Questionnaire will determine whether a client is eligible or ineligible for Wage Subsidies.

The lack of an Eligibility Questionnaire does not prevent the submission of a Wage Subsidy request. 

Configure Wage Subsidy Eligibility Questionnaires

  1. Go to your Quest site.
    Not sure how to get there? Read our article on how to access Quest.
  2. Create your Quest form by clicking the + New button in the top right corner of the page. We have an article on Creating a Quest Form to help you get started.



Please note that tags are not required for Wage Subsidy Eligibility Questionnaires and should be disregarded.

When considering your questions for the Eligibility Questionnaire, keep your Eligibility score in mind. Drop-down and Radio Button elements have a score field available, where you can add a numerical value to an answer. This is important since the total score at the end of the Eligibility Questionnaire will determine whether a Job Seeker is eligible for a Wage Subsidy. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • At what score should someone be eligible for a Wage Subsidy?
  • Will eligibility be determined based on a low score or a high score?
  • How much weight does each question carry in the decision-making process?

Configure Smart Form

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Smart Forms and click the button to create a new Smart form.
  2. When creating your new Smart Form, select the Questionnaire you just created in Quest from the Quest Form drop-down menu

Consider the following when creating your Smart Form: 

  • Eligible and Ineligible must be Assessment Outcome text for the feature to work.
  • You will be asked to provide numerical values when creating Assessment Outcomes. Consider the scores you entered when you created the Eligibility Questionnaire. What total score range is considered Eligible or Ineligible? For example, a score between 0 and 5 might be considered Ineligible, but a score between 5 and 10 might be Eligible.
  • Category should remain blank.
  • Several forms can be set up here for different program types.
  • The name of the Smart Form must signal the relevant program types.

Note: In our example, we have chosen that a low score meets the Eligibility Criteria, and a high score is Ineligible.


Your Eligibility Questionnaire and Smart Form is now configured!


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