Wage Subsidies: Approving or Rejecting Wage Subsidy Requests

Why is this important?

As part of the Wage Subsidy process, a Wage Subsidy Request is required to go through two levels of approval before Invoices and Payment Schedules can be created. This article will walk Job Ready Site Managers, Regional Managers and Executive Managers through the steps to approve or reject a Wage Subsidy Request.

What you will need:

  1. Site and Regional Managers/Executive Managers to be correctly configured.
  2. Experimenting with Wage Subsidies in Staging before rolling out to Production? Email addresses for testing users should be added to the Email Whitelist so that email notifications are received. This can be configured in Admin Settings > Email Interceptions.

Site Manager Approval

  1. On the dashboard, navigate to the Wage Subsidy First Approval Requiredwidget or go to the automated email and open the request.
    • Note that only the Site Manager of the Job Seeker site will see this widget.
  • The manager can also review requests on the Wage Subsidy Request list page by using the following filters:
    • Status: First Approval Required
    • Job Seeker Site Manager: The user’s name.
  1. Once the Site Manager has reviewed the request, they can Approve or Reject the request via the Wage Subsidy Request list page, or the Job Seeker Show Page.

If Approved (Thumbs Up): An email will be sent to both the Regional Manager of the Job Seeker Site and the Requester. The request will appear in the Wage Subsidy Second Approval Required dashboard widget for the Regional Manager.


If Rejected (Thumbs Down): The Site Manager will be asked to justify their rejection reason. Once submitted, an email will be sent to the Requester notifying them of the rejection and the reason.

  1. The Wage Subsidy Request Status will update to Pending Second Approval.

Executive Manager Approval

  1. Once approved by the Site Manager, the Executive Manager for the site will receive an email and dashboard notification as described above.
  2. The Approval and Rejection process follows the same process as the Site Manager process.

Approval Intercept

If an allocated manager is unable to approve the request, the following can occur:

  1. Site or Regional Managers can intercept First Level Approval for other Site or Regional Managers
  2. Executive Managers can intercept Second Level Approval for other Executive Managers

Confirm if Wage Subsidy will Proceed

The expectation in this step is that contact has been made with the Employer through their preferred communication method to offer the Wage Subsidy. This communication should be done by the creator for the Wage Subsidy Request The Employer’s decision will be recorded on the Wage Subsidy Request.

  1. Go to the Wage Subsidy Request on the Job Seeker
  2. Depending on the Employer’s decision:
    • If the Employer is going ahead, click Proceeding
      • This will update the Status to Proceeding
      • The permission to add a Payment Schedule will be offered to Users with the permission enabled
        • Note: There is an option within this module to prevent Payment Schedules until the ESS Agreement has been Approved by the Employer downloaded through your Wage Subsidy Subscriptions.
    • If the Employer does not wish to proceed, click Not Proceeding
      • The status will be updated to Not Proceeding
  3. Manually create the Wage Subsidy Agreement through ESS to send the Approval Link to the Employer

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