Wage Subsidies: Configuring Users and Managers

Why is this important?

Configuring your Users and your Managers is a crucial first step when handling Wage Subsidy Requests in Job Ready. This guide will cover how to configure User Profile settings for Users that will be creating Payment Schedules and configuring Managers for request approval.


Configure User Profile

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Users
  2. Select the Employment Fund checkbox for any users that will be creating Payment Schedules.

That's all there is to it!

Note: The Employment Fund permission is designed to allow users to create the payment schedules. This label can be misleading, however this permission is also required for a DES User to create a Payment Schedule.


Configuration of Site, Regional and Executive Managers

There are two lines of managerial approval for Wage Subsidy Requests.

  • Level 1: Site Manager (with Regional Manager able to intercept) (Business Manager/Regional Manager)
  • Level 2: Executive Manager (General Manager)

The request will be sent to the Site Manager of the Job Seeker site. Once approved, the Executive Manager will be notified to approve.

Site Managers and Regional Managers can intercept the request at the first level. Regional Managers and Executive Managers can intercept at both levels.

To read more about how interception of Wage Subsidy Requests works, please see our article on Approving Wage Subsidy Requests.


Configure Site Managers per Programme

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Site List
  2. On each site, click the Edit button, add the Site Managers in the section of the modal shown below, and click Save. A Site Manager should be selected for every Programme in that Site.


Configure Site Managers for Region

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Site Groups
  2. For each Site Group, click the edit icon
  3. Add the Regional and Executive Managers per Programme, then Save Site Grouping.


What's next?

There's still some set-up to do before we can get started. 


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