Set the job seeker portal welcome message



Why is this important?

Personalise your portal!

On their first go, the portal may be a little unfamiliar to job seekers at first. 

They may benefit from a special message from your staff. Welcome messages break the ice, and inject some personality to the site to ensure a soft landing. 


Welcome messages are can include:

  • Special instructions and next steps
  • A primary contact number, and name
  • Friendly, inclusive language


How it works

A welcome text banner will be displayed on the home page, when a job seeker logs in to the job seeker portal for the very first time.

How to set a welcome message

You will need:

  • Admin settings


  1. Click on the admin settings cog located at the top of the job ready main menu
  2. Click on Options
  3. Scroll down and navigate to the Job Seeker Portal section of the modal
  4. Enter your desired welcome banner text in the 'Jobseeker portal welcome message' field.



Congrats! We're nearly there now....One more setting to go.

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