Add Jobseeker Portal resource links


Why is this important?

The portal is designed to be the ultimate hub for job seeking: A one-stop-shop for relevant jobs on offer and resources.

Therefore - adding resource links lets your jobseekers have extra materials at their fingertips if they need more assistance. 

It allows you to link:

  • Additional job boards that you recommend, or are affiliated with 
  • Online resume builders
  • Cover sheet tips-and-tricks
  • Online fact sheets and important government notices


And anything else you want your job seekers to have quick and easy access to!

Icons are arranged in the resource page in a clean, visual presentation - information that is easy to process.

The more resources you can provide, the less contact is needed for admin purposes - and exchanging documentation.

How it works

The Job Seeker Portal Links section of admin settings, lets you control the external links that jobseekers see in:

  • The resources section of the portal
  • Accessed by clicking on Resources from the main menu

These are links to:

  • other online job databases that may assist your job seekers in their search
  • any handy supplemental materials to facilitate the job seeking process. 

The links will be displayed as hyperlinked icons on the job seeker portal Resources page. 


How to add resource links


You will need:

  • Admin settings
  • A copy of your resource site URL(s)
  • A copy of your resource's logo in .jpeg or .png file format, approximately 30mm x 30mm  


  1. Click on the admin settings cog located at the top of the job ready main menu
  2. Click on Jobseeker Portal Links
  3. Click on +
  4. Enter the site's details as below:

    1. URL of the site or page that has the resources you are linking
    2. This is the title of the site or resources. This text will appear if a user hovers over the icon.
    3. Description of the resource. This is for internal admin's reference only. Jobseekers do not see this text in the job seeker portal.
    4. The resource's icon. Upload an image file that is 3cm x 3cm. This should be a logo or relevant image that clearly communicates the type of resource being hyperlinked.
    5. Saves the settings entered above.
  5. Click on save

View and edit resource links

  • Viewthe resources you have added in the Job Seeker Portal Links (Resources) panel at any time. It will showcase the following information:
    • Logo
    • Url
    • Title
    • Description
  • Edit a link by selecting the pencil button under the Action column.
  • Delete a link by selecting the rubbish bin button under the Action column.


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