Upload the jobseeker portal logo


Why is this important?

Adding your company's logo stamps the portal with your organisation's unique personality. As a result, it provides a more customised, cohesive, and polished experience. 

How it works

In admin settings, there are tabs that specifically control jobseeker portal assets.  
The Jobseeker Portal Logo section of admin settings lets you control the logo that jobseekers see:

  • At the top of the portal main menu, at all times


How to upload the jobseeker portal logo 

You will need:

  • Admin settings
  • A high resolution company logo in .jpg or .png file

  1. Click on the admin settings cog located at the top of the job ready main menu
  2. Click on the 'Jobseeker Portal Logo' tab
  3. Click on 'Choose File'
  4. Select your organisation's logo from the file browser window
  5. Click Upload

The logo will now appear in the portal main menu.

Phew... the first step was easy! What's next...?

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