Fact Sheet: Getting started with the Jobseeker Portal

Congratulations on getting on board with the jobseeker portal!

Job ready have turned on the job seeker portal feature in your staging site - and are waiting on you to make some important decisions. 


Before you can dive in and get started, we need to know what text and documents you want the portal to contain.

You'll need to:

  • Complete job seeker portal configuration in admin settings 
  • Tell job ready if you would like privacy documents as part of the portal workflow 
  • Contact job ready with your custom welcome email specifications, if needed
  • Contact job ready with your custom I Need Help button specifications, if needed

Simply follow the steps below.

Let's get started!


What we need from you:

Step 1. Configure the below in admin settings

Follow the steps below:

  1. Upload job seeker portal logo
  2. Add job seeker portal links
  3. Add job seeker portal rejection reasons
  4. Add job seeker portal query types
  5. Upload job seeker portal privacy documents
    You must contact job ready if you want this feature activated. 
  6. Set the job seeker portal welcome message
  7. Set the invitation email / SMS

    We recommend you first test the above settings in your staging site.

  8. Once you have configured and finalised the above settings in your production site, inform job ready. 
  9. Job ready will then turn on the portal feature in your production site.

Step 2. Email job ready the welcome email text



A welcome email is dispatched to jobseekers, once they successfully set up a password to the portal for the first time. 


You can specify the text you want to have in this email.

  • If so, contact job ready with your desired contents. 
  • Alternatively, you can use the generic template text pictured above. 
  • Job ready will inform you when it is ready to test in your staging site
  • Once you approve after testing, job ready will make the email settings live in your Production site


Step 3. Email job ready the 'I need help' button text



The 'I Need Help button' is linked to the Contact Us page of the portal. This is where job seekers can email your staff for assistance.

  • You can change the wording of 'I need help' to anything of your choosing.
  • If so, contact job ready with the button text you prefer.
  • Or alternatively, you can leave it as the default option of 'I Need Help'.


That's it! Now you can put your feet up and relax - while the job ready team completes some final set up.

What Job Ready will do:

  • Turn on the privacy documents feature, if applicable
  • Turn on the job seeker portal feature in production, once you have finalised the job seeker portal settings in your production site.
  • Set up the registration email to your specifications, if applicable. 
  • Rename the I Need Help button to your specifications, if applicable.
  • Turn on the Bulk Invite feature, if you are already set up with Message Media and using SMS.

Checklist - Order of Actions

1Job ReadyTurn on the Jobseeker Portal in your job ready staging site. mceclip0.png
2YouRead Upload job seeker portal privacy documents, and inform job ready if you want to use the privacy documents feature in your site.  
3Job ReadyWill activate privacy documents feature, if applicable.  
4YouSet up job seeker portal configuration in staging admin settings.

Skip to 10., if you DO NOT require custom welcome email and/or custom button text. 

5YouSend job ready your desired welcome email contents, and/or custom I Need Help button text. 
6Job Ready

Will create your new email and/or button settings and notify you when the new settings are ready to test in staging.


Test the new registration email and/or button in staging.


Notify job ready when you are satisfied with the new welcome email and/or button contents in staging, and that you want it in Production.

9Job Ready

Will notify you when welcome email and/or button settings are in production.


Notify job ready when you have configured the final job seeker portal admin settings in production. 

11Job Ready

Will turn on the job seeker portal in your production site. This will activate the final admin settings you have just configured in production. 

12Job Ready

If you are using SMS:  Will activate the 'bulk invite to the portal' feature in your production site.


Made it through the list? Now your staff and job seekers can start using the portal!


Contact the job ready team if you require any assistance with testing or a demonstration.

Welcome to the portal family, and good luck!


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