Using the Job Seeker Portal as a Job Seeker

This article is a view of the Job Seeker Portal from the perspective of the Job Seeker. Here you will see how the Job Seeker can interact with the portal and how the portal will present the information established during Job Seeker Portal - Administration and Set Up.

  • Email Invitation
  • Privacy Documentation
  • Job Seeker Portal Index List
  • Home
    • Selecting Job Match Preferences
    • Uploading a Resume
    • I Have Found A Job
  • Available Jobs
  • My Profile
  • My Documents
  • Resources
  • Contact Us


Email invitation

The Job Seeker will receive an email and will be prompted to follow the link to set up their account.


They will be asked to create a password. Then select Create Account.


For steps on how to send a Job Seeker an invitation please follow here.

Privacy documentation

On first entering the Job Seeker Portal the Job Seeker will be asked to read and sign all documentation. Full access will only be granted after acknowledgement of any privacy documentation.Screen_Shot_2021-01-19_at_12.11.23_pm.png


The Job Seeker has the ability to either accept the document by selecting

or to acknowledge the documentation pending further discussion by selecting


When all documentation has been read and consented to, the Job Seeker will move to the Job Seeker Portal home page and an acknowledgement message will be displayed.

This documentation can now be viewed via the My Documents Section from the index list.


Job Seeker Portal Index List



Selecting Job Match Preferences

From the homepage the Job Seeker will be able to Enter Your Job Match Preferences


Here the Job Seeker can check the box next to those preferences most relevant to them. The preferences are grouped by industry. When complete select Update


Uploading a Resume

From the homepage the Job Seeker can easily upload a new resume. Select Upload Resume.


In the widow the Job Seeker will be prompted to either drop the file in to the box, or they can click to upload the file. Then select Add Resume.


I Have Found a Job

When a Job Seeker has found a position they are able to update this in the Job Seeker Portal. The I Have Found a Job tab is located on the home page.


When selected this window will appear. Please fill out all required information and select Submit.


Available Jobs

The Jobs Available tab will take the Job Seeker to the jobs board. Here they can peruse through the positions available and apply for any suitable roles. 


My Profile

Here the Job Seeker can ensure that their details are correct and change their password.


My Documents

Documents can be uploaded here. Select Add Document.Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_9.27.04_am.png

In this window upload the file by selecting choose file.Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_9.25.23_am.png

From the dropdown list select the type of document most relevant.


Then select Add Document.


Note: Documents need to be uploaded individually.


Here will be displayed all links to resources that will be of aid to the Job Seeker in their search for a job. The below icons are links to the corresponding website.

Eg:,,, etc


Contact Us

Here the Job Seeker can communicate with their case managers. They can select from the Query Type dropdown list and add any additional information. Then select Send Enquiry.


The case manager will be notified of the enquiry and will action accordingly.

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