Job Seeker Portal - Set Up and Navigation

This article will provide guidance to the Job Seeker on how to navigate the Job Seeker Portal. Here you will learn how to upload your resume, lodge a query, view your payslip and all employment documentation.

  1. The 'My Profile' tab show all your information including your contact details and your Job Seeker ID.
    Here you can 'Change Password'Screen_Shot_2020-07-06_at_2.24.36_pm.png

  2. The 'My Documents' tab will present you with all documents specifically related to you. Here you can also upload any documents you may wish to have saved in the Job Seeker Portal such a youre resume, cover letter, etc

  3. The 'Contact Us' tab will allow you to quickly contact your provider with any questions you may have. Simply select your 'Query Type' from the drop down and provide any additional information.
    Then select 'Send Enquiry'Screen_Shot_2020-07-06_at_2.24.07_pm.png

  4. When you initially log in to the Job Seeker Portal you will be asked to review and sign documentation.
    You can view these documents in the 'Privacy Documents' section of 'My Documents'Screen_Shot_2020-07-06_at_2.26.33_pm.png
  5. The 'Resources' tab is where you can find links to job seeking, government and relevant websites. These resources are here for your use.Screen_Shot_2020-07-06_at_2.26.57_pm.png


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