Job Seeker Portal - Administration and Set Up

This portal will be a point of call for your Job Seekers. Here they can contact you, upload their resumes, check job applications, and reference any documentation they may need throughout their employment journey .

The Job Seeker Portal is fully customised by you. This is done through Job Ready. It is recommended that the initial set up and any changes are made through the the staging site before being implemented to the live site. Please follow Adding a New Job Seeker article in staging to create a dummy Job Seeker to test the procedure. To understand how your Job Seekers will view the portal select here Using the Job Seeker Portal as a Job Seeker.

Please use your company's staging URL/jobseeker_portal to test the procedure.

For example: <>


As the administrators of Job Ready please work through the next few steps to ensure that the Job Seeker Portal is in line with you company’s values and branding. 

There are five points to customising your Portal:

  1. Job Seeker Portal Logo,
  2. Job Seeker Links,
  3. Job Seeker Portal Contact Us,
  4. Query Types, Job Seeker Portal Privacy Documents,
  5. Congratulations Message,
  6. Job Seeker Suggestion Rejection Reasons.

These links are reached through the Admin button in Job Ready.


From the Administration page index list you will see all tabs relating to the Job Seeker Portal. This is where you will customise the Portal.

  1. Job Seeker Portal Logo
    Here you can upload your logo. This will feature on the Job Seeker Portal so please ensure that the logo is inline with your brand and is clearly recognisable to the Job Seeker.

    Below is an example of how your logo will be positioned in the Job Seeker Portal.

  2. Job Seeker Links
    In this section you can upload any links, PDF’s or documents that will be useful to educate or encourage and support your Job Seeker's to apply for employment. Upload links to platforms such as,, and any others that are relevant to your organisation.Screen_Shot_2020-07-23_at_10.05.52_am.png 
    Note: Only the Logo, URL and Title will be displayed on the Job Seeker Portal. The description of the document will not be displayed on the Job Seeker Portal. This is a for administration use only.

    Here is how these links will look in the portal.Screen_Shot_2021-01-20_at_12.15.46_pm.png

  3. Job Seeker Portal Contact Us, Query Types

    Your job seekers are likely to have questions and queries through the process of searching for employment. To enable easy communication between a Job Seeker and your organisation we have implemented Jobseeker Portal Contact Us Query Types.
    When this function is used by the Job Seeker a notification will present on the relevant case manager or the relevant site manager's home page in the 'My Reminders' widget and in the Job Seeker Portal Reminders tab found in the index list.


    To add a query type select +

    Your query types may include:
    1. I’m having difficulty at work 
    2. My pay slip is incorrect
    3. My benefits have stopped
    4. I’ve lost my job
    5. I need assistance
    6. Other

      Once completed a list of available query types will be listed under Query Type.Screen_Shot_2020-07-23_at_10.05.26_am.png

      When a Job Seeker selects Contact Us from the index list of Help from the home page the below window will appear.Screen_Shot_2020-07-06_at_2.24.07_pm.png

      From here they can select from the pre determined Job Seeker Portal Contact Us Query Types drop down list, add any relevant information in the text box, then select Send Enquiry.

      The lodged query will then become a notification on the home page of the associated case manager for their response.

  4. Job Seeker Portal Privacy Documents
    In this section of the portal you will store all documentation relevant to Job Seekers. Please to send relevant documentation to us and we will upload this to the portal. These documents will be presented to the Job Seeker upon initial sign up to the portal and will require them to review and sign their consent before being granted access.
    To upload a document select +.

    The below window will appear. Here you will need to add a Name, select the relevant Programme, add a Description and upload the file.

    Note: The description is for internal use only and will not appear on the Job Seeker Portal.

    Under Mandatory Requirement you have the option to make the documentation Mandatory (must be complete before proceeding further), Optional (can complete later) or None (read only).

    Please refer to the below screenshot to understand the placement of the Upper Description and Description of the privacy document in the Job Seeker Portal.
    The Upper Description is a short summary/ document name.
    Description is a more detailed description of the document. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_3.20.07_pm.png

    When complete select Create Privacy Document.

    These documents can include:
    1. Third party consent form
    2. Privacy Statement
    3. Sensitive personal information
    4. Sensitive delivery plan
    5. Service guarantee
    6. Other

      Here is the view from the administration perspective in Job Ready. You are able to edit these documents by selecting Edit, adjacent to the respective document.Screen_Shot_2020-07-23_at_10.04.23_am.png

      The documents will be presented upon first login in to the Job Seeker Portal. Once read and signed by the Job Seeker the privacy documents will be available to view in the My Documents section of the Job Seeker Portal. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_9.27.32_am.png

      Note: You will compile these documents at your discretion in line with your organisation requirements.

  5. Congratulations Message
    Now that the Job Seeker has accepted all the privacy documentation they will be show a Congratulations message. This message is not customisable and will only be seen during the initial set up/ sign in of the portal.

  6. Job Seeker Suggestion Rejection Reasons

    Here you can customise reasons your Job Seeker may have been unsuccessful for a role. This tool will enable you and your team to send a quick response outlining the reason the Job Seeker was unsuccessful. Providing the Job Seeker with a reason will enable them the opportunity to fine-tune their applications, improve their interview skills and steer them towards roles they are qualified for, until their case manager has the availability to discuss with them further.
    • Suggestion reasons may include: 
      • Job application did not meet the criteria
      • Job seeker is not qualified for the role
      • The job seeker’s skill set does not match the role
      • Weak recommendations
      •  Other
    • To compile a list or rejection reasons select +.Screen_Shot_2020-07-23_at_10.04.58_am.png

      Under name type the reason.

      Then select Save.
      From the procured list you can edit and delete these reasons as needed.
      To use a rejection reason this is done through Job Ready. From the index list select Vacancies then Recommendations.

      In this window you can view all applications made by Job Seekers through the Job Seeker Portal. Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_2.35.21_pm.png

      Here you can action as required by selecting the Edit button under the actions column.

      Here the case manager is able to communicate with the Job Seeker on the progress of their application.

      Select the Result of the application, add in and Result Comments.

      From the drop down list select the most relevant Rejection Reason.

      Then select Save Result.

Please Note: 



Additional Notes:

  • In the Job Ready portal Resources page, the page will only show icons. When hovering over each icon, the title will display in tool-tip text.
  • For Resources icons to show presentably, the image should be 382x420px.
  • Privacy Documentation: if acceptance is mandatory, a rejection button will not display. The job seeker must agree to the document before proceeding to the Portal. If acceptance is optional, the job seeker will have the option to discuss the document at their next appointment, and proceed to the Portal.
  • Text fields like Welcome Text, portal invite email, etc. are able to be edited through Admin Settings, with the exception of the HELP button - this needs to be provided to us before Job Seeker Portal is enabled on the site.

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