How to follow up an expense


Further actions related to the expense can be allocated to staff members and managed through reminders.  

In the expense record, a reminder can be created by selecting the ‘Reminder’ tab followed by the ‘plus’ icon.  


A new reminder modal will appear allowing the user to enter task details, it’s due date and a reminder schedule. 


The recipient of the task(s) will be selected by entering a username in the ‘Assigned To’ drop  


Once saved, the recipient of the reminder will receive a notification in the Dashboard with a link to the reminder and the expense record.


A list of all the expense related tasks will be visible and manageable in the reminders tab. The user can mark the tasks as complete by selecting the ‘Tick’ icon next to the activity. This will move the task to the ‘Completed’ tab in the reminders list, allowing the business owner to track all outstanding tasks.


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