Download a verification form from the files library

Why is this important?

It's showtime. You've laboured to create a fantastic verification form and set it up. Now it's ready for users to start using it.

Downloading from the files library, is how your desired information gets merged into a document. It's the final step that uses the template you have uploaded in Admin settings, to process a PDF. It pre-fills it with the data that exists in the record you are downloading it from. 


To download a form, you must first have completed these steps:

  1. Create a verification form template
  2. Add merge fields to your verification form
  3. Add wage and hours worked totals to your verification form
  4. Upload a verification form template in Admin settings

You will need:

How to download a verification form  

1. Navigate to the record type that corresponds with the type of data in the form. 

If want to download a form with wage history data, you must go to the Placement record. 

2. Select the Documents tab. 

3. Select Files Library

4. Locate the form that you want to download.

If you cannot see the form, ensure that the record type you are in and your programme is ticked in Admin settings.

5. Select the eye button next to the form

6. Open the file that has downloaded 

7. Click into, and add a space ( ) at the end of all the formatted text fields. 

Adobe's default is only format values (date, $), when the respective fields have been clicked into, and edited after download. You'll need to click into the field, and add a space on the end, to trigger any format you have set up.

8. Edit any of the fields if needed, by clicking into a text field and altering the text accordingly.

Don't forget to save! 

And that's all there is to it. You're officially a verification form master!

You can now email the form to jobseekers and employers to sign and return to you. 


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