Add wage and hours worked totals to your Verification form

Why is this important?

Some organisations need their stakeholders to review and sign off the total earnings and hours worked over the course of placement or phase. If this is you, totals will need to be set up in this step, to produce a verified form that fulfills your requirements. And saves you from taking the calculator out! 


To get your form to calculate totals, you must first have completed these steps:

  1. Create a verification form template
  2. Add merge fields to your employment verification form


You will need:

How to set up totals 

Add calculations to your verification form

  1. Tools > Prepare a Form
  2. Select the Text Field button from the page's toolbar
  3. Click + Drag the cursor onto the portion of the form you want the total text
  4. Double click on the text field > Text Feild Properties > Calculate
  5. Select Sum from the "Value is the" dropdown menu
  6. Select Pick... and choose the merge fields corresponding to the data you're adding together to produce the total.
  7. Select Close



Set up your totals to be calculated automatically

Adobe's default is to calculate totals once a downloaded form's fields have been clicked into. You'll need to change the settings so that the form calculates the totals for you as soon as the downloaded file is opened. 

  1. Go to Tools > Organize Pages

  2. Right-click on the page that contains the field which requires the total to be calculated

  3. Select Page Properties

  4. Select the Actions tab

  5. Select Page Open under the 'Select Trigger' dropdown

  6. Select Run a Javascript under the 'Select Action' dropdown

  7. Click on Add

  8. Copy + paste “this.calculateNow()” and click on OK, and then OK again.

Now you're set!

Your totals will calculate as soon as a user opens the form. 


For instructions on how to set up more calculations, like average hourly rates, see this comprehensive guide from Adobe.

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