Add merge fields to a verification form

Why is this important?

Merge fields determine what pieces of data will pull onto the form, and where. They are strings of text that Job Ready's designed to recognise: the links that allow the system and the document to communicate. You'll need to place them into your form in order for data to eventually transfer into the PDF file.


To add merge fields to a form, you must first have completed these steps:

  1. Create a verification form template

You will need:

How to add merge fields

  1. Select Tools > Prepare a Form
  2. Upload your form Word document in Adobe Acrobat
  3. Select the Text Field button from the page's toolbar
  4. Click + Drag the cursor onto the portion of the form you wish to present the merged data
  5. Copy + Paste a merge field from the Merge Field List into the 'Name' field
  6. Double click on the Text Field > Text Properties > Format > Select the format that the data will display as.

    Common formats:
    • Date
      Select Date from the 'Select format category' dropdown
    • Dollars
      Select Number from the 'Select format category' dropdown > Select '$' under the Currency dropdown
  7. Select the Appearance tab > select the font, size, and colour that the merge fields will display as.
  8. Drag and drop the Text Field wherever you want the merged data to be visible.
    You can place the merge field anywhere in your form.

And're done!

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