End-to-End: Employment Verification Forms

Why is this important?

Verification forms are an essential part of the way you get paid. And Job Ready exists to make this process centralised, streamlined, and efficient. No more manually entering placement details into a form, in order for employers and jobseekers to verify and sign them.  Users can now download forms containing wage histories and more, in a PDF document. A simple solution to an often labour intensive process. 


How do they work?

You simply create a form template and add merge fields from our listThen, you upload your template in admin settings....... and oualah!

Users can then start downloading verification forms from the Files Library, which can be found in the Documents tab of any record.

Customise the types of data you want to feature, to create your own reports of:

  • Jobseeker information
  • Outcome key dates
  • Benchmark hours
  • Vacancy information
  • Employer information
  • Weekly wage totals earned 
  • Permissible breaks

 There are no rules, the power is yours!

You will need:

How to create a verification form in job ready

Click on and complete each of these steps:

  1. Create a verification form template
  2. Add merge fields to your verification form
  3. Add wage and hours worked totals to your  verification form 
  4. Upload a verification form template in Admin settings
  5. Download a verification form from the Files Library

Once you've whizzed through, you can now email the form to jobseekers and employers to sign and return to you. 

And you're done!


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