Alerts Index Report

The reports shown from the Alerts Index page are hard coded filters. Should you wish to alter the search select add filter and then save the new search. It is recommended that the URL be utilised to view this search as when accessed from the Alerts index page the report will reflect the hard coded filters.

Alerts Index Report

To view your alerts page select Alerts from the index list.


These interactive alert tabs are links to reports based on data that has been implemented into Job Ready. When selected the alert will take you to a set of pre-defined filters. Select these alert to view and explore the pre-defined filters and the data these reports present.


The Alert selected will highlight the index page it refers to. 

From here you can + Add Filters to curate a more tailored report to suit your requirements.

When all filters have been applied select Save Search.

Each saved search has a unique URL which you can copy, bookmark and share with your team.

These reports can be exported to a basic spreadsheet. Select Export CSV.

From the index list select Export CSV then Action the export by selecting Action. This action will download the file to your device.


Note: The filters added will not be saved to the Alerts tab. Should you wish to view the updated search you will need to make sure you Save Search.

Permission to Export CSV need to be enabled in the users profile. 

Please Note: The Appointment alert will only show the Case Manager of the Job Seeker. If the person who created the appointment is not the Case Manager they will not see the appointment in the Alerts Index Report. For more information on Appointments select here.

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