Management Reports and General Filters

Here is an overview of the different Reports available to assist you in Job Ready. Some of these reports can be customised to reflect the exact data you wish to view, therefore creating a precise report.

From every tab in the index list you can filter to as needed to achieve your desired report. View section Customised Reports further in the article for more information.


From the Index list select Reports to see a list of management reports available to you. These management reports are an overview of data that has been entered by your organisation to Job Ready.


This article will take you through the below reports in further detail.

Reports Index

  1. Alerts Report
  2. DES Completions
  3. Jobs Board Report
  4. Employer Call Volumes
  5. Job Seeker Reports
  6. Vacancy Management Report

Customised Reports

  1. Customising your reports using filters


Reports Index

  1. Alerts Report
    • Here you will see the same reports that are in the Alert Index page however the view will be of a more global perspective.
    • This interactive graph will display milestones and targets relating to DES schedules and workflows in order of state.
    • Select any underlined number to view the complete report in the applicable index page. Each column will showcase a different set of filters that relate to the headings seen on the graph.
    • Select Reports from the index page, then select Alerts

      Here you will see an interactive graph which houses the same reports as those in section 1.
      Select any underlined number (hyperlink) to view the corresponding report.
  2.  DES Completions
    • To view the DES Completions report select Reports then DES Completions.

      This report will show all placements that have been completed depending on the Anchored date and Placed date. The report will be indicative of information accumulated from filtering. Including the Case Manager, Dates, Site, Anchored, Placed and Members.

      The report will be presented by month year and the percentage of completed placements for ease of view. This report is interactive, simply select an underlined number (hyperlink) to view the data.Screen_Shot_2020-09-07_at_1.26.25_pm.png
  3. Jobs Board Report 
    • This is an interactive report focusing on the number of vacancies, recommendations, and placements documented in Job Ready. The State Summary report will show data by state. Site Summary allows you to filter by site, date, grouping and brokered/FOE.Screen_Shot_2020-11-10_at_9.30.15_am.png

  4. Employer Call Volumes

    • This is curated report based on the individual user and is a great way to gauge the level of reverse marketing being performed. This report can be filtered based on date, site, status and groupings. Each user of Job Ready within your organisation will be seen here. You can view the status of all reminders, notes, employers and vacancies in this report associated with each user. Simply scroll through the report to view.Screen_Shot_2020-09-07_at_1.27.20_pm.png

  5. Job Seeker Reports
    • As required you are able to + Add Filter to create custom reports of Job Seeker data. As many filters as you require can be added.
      These can include but are not limited to:
    • Site, State, Region, ESA, Anchor Date, Name, Tags, Status, Case Manager, Programme, Job Seeker ID. 
    • When all filters have been applied select Save SearchGiphy.gif

    • Each saved search has a unique URL which you can copy, bookmark and share with your team.
    • These reports can be exported to a basic spreadsheet. Select Export CSV.
    • From the index list select Export CSV then Action the export by selecting Action. This action will download the file to your device.Screen_Shot_2020-11-10_at_1.55.51_pm.png

      Note: The filters added will not be saved to the Alerts tab. Should you wish to view the updated search you will need to make sure you Save Search.
      Permission to Export CSV need to be enabled in the users profile. 

  6. Vacancy Management Report
    • This report will show by state the total vacant position, total filled positions and what this looks like as a percentage. This is a great way to see how each site is performing. For a more itemised view and to see the filters behind these finding select the underlined number (hyperlink). Screen_Shot_2020-11-10_at_12.39.27_pm.png

    • These interactive alert tabs are links to reports based on data that has been implemented into Job Ready. When selected the alert will take you to a set of pre-defined filters. Select these alert to view and explore the pre-defined filters and the data these reports present.


Customised Reports

  1. Customising your reports using filters
    • Reports can be generated from most index pages. Below is an example of common filters that are used to generate a customised Job Seeker Report.Screen_Shot_2020-11-27_at_12.03.54_pm.png

    • Select Apply. Job Ready will procure the relevant report for your perusal.
    • For a more in depth view on how to use filters click here.
    • To learn how to Save Search click here.




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