Job Ready for DES Webinar Series: Q&As


Appointmentscan you still search missing file notes?

Yes, a function will soon be added that enables users to search on appointments that have been downloaded from ESS without a note. There will also be an alert on jobseekers page to indicate there is a resulted appointment without a note.


Adding a JobseekerWhen you merge two jobseeker records, if the master record is the ESS record, does it merge across all the referral source info?

Yes, any information in the system at the time of merging the records will display on the master record including referral details, contacts and notes etc.


Adding a JobseekerDoes the new job seeker information link to the direct registration process in ESS?

Yes it is to manage the direct registration process. When the jobseeker is registered with centrelink and comes into your system, the two records can be linked and merged.


Adding a Jobseekerwill this info auto fill in if referred from Centrelink.

Adding a jobseeker is used to manage them prior to being referred by Centrelink to your organisation.


Adding an EmployerWho creates the company list in Job Ready - what if the company does not exist there?

Existing employers from ESS for your organisation will download into JR. There is also an option to add a new employer which will be covered in Module 3. 


Jobseeker Personal DataDo we have the ability to save phone numbers outside of the one noted in ESS?

There are fields for both a mobile and phone number in the Personal Data section of the jobseeker profile. Additional contacts for the jobseeker can be added in the Contacts section of the Activities stream.


RemindersCan you link the reminder to a specific file note or attachment that was uploaded? or will we just have to make comments  when creating a reminder to action an appropriate file note?Yes, a function will soon be available that allows reminders to be scheduled when adding a Note and Attachment.
SMSWhat is the time frame for JS to receive sms' ?

The SMS is sent instantly to the JS mobile when saved/created in JobReady.


SMSIs there an option to ""schedule"" sms messages to job seekers?

Scheduling of automated SMS is not currently available. SMS can be sent in bulk which is a function intended to support the issuance of generalised messages to caseloads or jobseeker cohorts.


SMS and EmailWhen you send a SMS or email generated from job Ready, does this inform the job seeker of the parent company/provider? i.e. does the job seeker see and know who sent the message?

In Job Ready, the SMS content is controlled by users at the time of SMS creation and templates can be set up by organisation admin. That is, users can sign off the SMS from your organisation trading name, for example. Otherwise, please speak with your SMS provider for additional sender recognition options (this could be a static or organisation name).


Adding New Employers and Vacancies Do employers and vacancies have to be created via Job Ready, or will it populate from ESS?

Employers and vacancies can be created in Job Ready and then pushed up to ESS. This function removes duplication of data entry and supports prospect management process. If you do create an employer or vacancy in ESS, they will of course download overnight.


Employer ProfileButtons on top right hand corner of the Employer Profile shows statistics for this current contract, what will happen to figures post 1st of July (new DES contract)- will it reset or continue on as it is good to see the history of an employer)?By July 2018, the reference to contract in the Employer summary buttons will be removed and the relevant activity will be displayed, irrespective of contract round.
NotesCan you view all notes to an employer as one document rather than needing to open each individually

Yes in the Notes section there is a print view option that will display the notes in a separate window as one document.


SMS and Emailif they email or SMS back were does there replies go ?

SMS replies are recorded in Job Ready and display as a reminder for the sending user.Replies to emails sent through Job Ready will be sent direct to the email address that the jobseeker replies to i.e these emails are managed outside Job Ready


VacanciesCan a vacancy be uploaded back to ESS if required?

Yes - both Employers and Vacancies can be uploaded (pushed) to ESS from Job Ready


Wage SubsidiesIf there is a wage subsidy arranged with an employer, will this be found on the specific employer record already linked or will we have to manuall enter this?

We are not provided wage subsidy information from ESS, therefore this would need to be manually entered/uploaded against the employer or placement record.


Claims KanbanWhen you move a claim into the lodged column on Kanban, can that be pushed to ESS or do you need to complete in ESS separately?

All claims need to be lodged direct in ESS. The lodged column helps you identifiy those lodged in ESS as they will download into Job Ready the next day.


PlacementsAre we able to enter a note somewhere to say the jobseeker does not want us to contact the employer?

Currently there is a Comments field in the jobseeker profile that is used to highlight general servicing information for that client. A similar field will be added in the Placement that can house alerts, such as the preferences of the jobseeker and employer that may be specific to that employment relationship.


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