Creating a New Job Seeker

Why is this important?

Job Seeker records help you to keep track of Job Seeker activity, contact your staff, store Job Seeker information and contact details, and start placing Job Seekers into placements or jobs. 

While you can also create a Job Seeker in ESS and wait for the record to sync with Job Ready overnight, you may like to create a record in Job Ready ahead of time; especially if you're in a hurry to enter notes or to place your Job Seeker.


Syncing with ESS

Job Seekers in ESS will sync with Job Ready overnight via the BDFs in your subscriptions. If you have created a Job Seeker in ESS with the same Job Seeker ID as the record in Job Ready, the information synced from ESS will override the record created in Job Ready. 


Creating a New Job Seeker

  1. From the main menu, select Job Seekers, then select New Job Seeker.


  2. A new window will appear. Fill out the New Job Seeker modal fields in the form shown with your new Job Seeker's information.

    1. Programme: Select the programme your Job Seeker is a participant of from the drop-down menu.
    2. Site: Select the site the Job Seeker will be managed by from the drop-down menu. This is a mandatory field.
    3. CRN: Enter your Job Seeker's Centrelink Customer Reference Number.
    4. Job Seeker ID: Enter your Job Seeker's Job Seeker ID. This is a mandatory field.
    5. Managed By: From the drop-down menu, select your new Job Seeker's Case Manager.
    6. Name: Enter your Job Seeker's title, first, middle and last name. Only First name and Last name are mandatory fields in this section.
    7. Date of Birth: Select your Job Seeker's date of birth from the Calendar modal, or you can choose to type it in with the format DD/MM/YYYY.
    8. Contact Details: In this section you can enter your Job Seeker's Email Address, Mobile Phone Number and Home Phone Number
    9. Address: Enter your Job Seeker's home or postal address.
    10. Comments: Any information you'd like to know at a glance from the Job Seeker profile? Enter that information here.
    11. Comment (Discreet): Any important information on the Job Seeker that you'd like to have, but don't necessarily want easily visible to anyone who might be looking over your shoulder? This is the place to put them.
    12. Tags: Any tags that you have attributed to Job Seekers in Admin Settings can be selected in this field.
  3. Happy with your work? Go ahead and click on the Create Job Seeker button to create your new Job Seeker Record.


    The new Job Seeker's page will open automatically once it's created. You will now be able to view the new Job Seeker in all relevant areas of Job Ready.

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