Create, edit and delete Job Match Attributes

This article will show you how to create, edit and delete Job Match Attributes in Job Ready.

Creating a Job Match Attribute

In the Administration index page select Job Match Attributes.



Here you can create a new category of attributes by selecting +.


Name will be the heading for the category of attributes you will include.

For example:


To add an Option select +


When complete select Create Job Match Attribute.


Editing a Job Match Attribute

After a Job Match Attribute has been created you have the ability to edit and update this as required.

Select the Edit icon adjacent to the appropriate name.


Here you can update the category of attribute as necessary. You can change the name and add or remove options.

To add an option select +.


To remove an option select -.


Note: Adding or removing options will only change future usage of the attribute. Records associated to the exisiting attribute will not be affected.

When complete select Update Job Match Attribute.


Deleting a Job Match Attribute

You can delete the content of a group of Job Match Attributes. At this stage it is not possible to remove a category. 

Select Edit


Proceed to remove all options from this group by select -.


When complete select Update Job Match Attribute


Note: Deleting an attribute will only inhibit the user from future allocation. If the attribute has previously been allocated to a record then this attribute will remain on the respective record. 


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