Merging Job Seekers

This article will take you through the steps on how to merge Job Seeker Profiles. This is relevant should you have duplicate Job Seeker profiles referring to the same Job Seeker. This action is to be performed by the Administrator.

Note: Merging profiles can only be done through the Job Seeker index page.

Once profiles have been merged this action is IRREVERSIBLE. Please ensure that you are merging the correct profiles. 

  1. From the dashboard select 'Job Seekers' then 'All Job Seekers'

  2. Once on the Job Seeker Index page select '+ Add Filter'

    From here you can select any filter that will pinpoint the Job Seeker profiles you wish to merge.
    For example; First Name, Last Name, Job Seeker ID

  3.  When the search is complete select the Job Seeker profiles you wish to merge.

    Then select 'Bulk Actions', 'Merge Job Seekers'.

  4. The Merge Job Seekers window will display the profiles you have selected to merge.

    URL ID: Allows you to identify and view the individual records you wish to merge. This is done by selecting the hyperlink.

    Job Seeker ID: Please ensure this information is correct.

    Job Seeker to Keep: This refers to which record you wish to merge the information. Select the radio button against the correct record. Should the record you wish to merge the information to be one without a Job Seeker ID please ass the ID to *Job Seeker ID.

    *Job Seeker ID: This can be updated to the most relevant ID as required.

    Note: When merging Job Seekers any information found in the Personal Data section of the profile you wish to keep will remain. Meaning the Personal Data section of the profile being merged WILL NOT transfer to the updated profile. This includes address, DOB, Email, Phone Number, General Comment, Tags, and Job Match categories/attributes. 
    All other information such as notes, attachments, communications, appointments, etc will merge from the duplicate record to the selected record.

    When the above information has been check. Select 'Verify Merge'.


    Job Ready will prompt you with a warning. Please check that the information is correct.

    When verified. Select 'Merge Jobseekers'


  5.  The top right-hand corner of your screen will display a message to confirm that the Job Seekers have been merged successfully. Select 'Click here' to view.

    You will be taken to the Bulk Actions page where you can select to view the updated Job Seeker Profile.

    Here you will be able to view the updated profile and check that the merge was successful.


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