Navigation of Jobseeker and Employer Profile

This section explains how to navigate the Jobseeker and Employer records, including the key sections, features and available ESS data.

Jobseeker Profile

Finding a Jobseeker

Please go to Searching in Job Ready.

Personal Data 

All information contained in the Personal Data section is downloaded from ESS, except the comments. Users have access to edit Mobile Phones.

Any updates made to the Personal Data section that is not also reflected in ESS will be overwritten the next day.

Key Information, ESS Data and Key Dates 

All information contained in the Key Information and Key Dates sections are all downloaded from ESS.

To access the ESS Data, click the arrow on the right-hand side to collapse the section.



The Placements panel will display the key information for the placements history of that jobseeker with your organisation.

By clicking View Placement, the user will be taken to the Placements section for the comprehensive detail and PPS.


Employer Profile


Finding an employer

Please see Searching in Job Ready.


Colour Coding of Employers based on Contact Activity


This is one of the features that are available on request. You will not see this unless you send us a request to enable it.

In order to make Employers visually identifiable for Reverse Marketing, colour coding has been added to indicate the following states:

  • Green means the Employer has no Account Manager

  • Yellow means the Employer is being managed but hasn't had a Note created against it for the last 30 days

  • Red means the Employer is being managed, and is currently being engaged (has Notes created against it within the last 30 days or less

Employer Details


Most information contained in the Employer Details section is downloaded from ESS. The fields that require manual entry are; Account Manager, Second ANZSIC, JPO, External Reference.

Except for the manual entry fields, any updates made to the Employer Details section that is not also reflected in ESS will be overwritten the next day.

Summary Buttons


The summary buttons present the aggregate information for key engagement activities for that employer. These activities include; Claims due in the next 6 months, Placements, Vacancies and Days since last contact.

By clicking on a summary button, the user will be directed to the relevant page to access the detailed list of activities.


Key Information 


The Key Information section presents the aggregate history of key engagement activities for that employer from ESS. This information is represented by engagement type, with the number enclosed in brackets e.g (1) followed by the latest activity for that engagement type.

By clicking on the green icon, a list of the history will appear in a read only list for review.

ESS Data 


The employer’s ESS ID will display in the ESS Data field.

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