Editing and Managing a Job Seeker Profile

The Job Seeker Profile page is an essential part of Job Ready, it is important that each and every aspect of the profile is understood by the user. This article will take you through each section of the Job Seeker Profile and the functionality of each section.


  1. How to search for a Job Seeker Profile

  2. Job Seeker ID

  3. Tool Bar

  4. Personal Data Panel

  5. Key Information

  6. Ess Data 

  7. Alerts

  8. Info

  9. Job Seeker Index List

Normally, when a Job Seeker's profile is attached to a Job Seeker ID, the subscriptions will automatically keep the record up to date by importing the data from ESS to Job Ready each night. By keeping ESS up to date, the Job Seeker's details will also be up to date in Job Ready.


  1. How to search for a Job Seeker Profile

    From the index list select Job Seekers then All Job Seekers


    On the Job Seekers page you can add filters to search for the desired Job Seeker.


  2.  Job Seeker ID

    Here you will find the Job Seekers name, status and ID number. The ID will be a hyperlink that will take you to the Job Seekers ESS profile when selected.



  3. Tool Bar

    This toolbar provides the user with shortcuts. Here you can add New resumes, reminders and expenses. Add Notes will guide you through the steps to add a note to the Job Seekers profile. Add Documents give you the ability to upload documentation to be stored on the Job Seekers profile in Job Ready. Scheduling reminders through the Add Reminder Schedule button. Information can be added to the Add Initial Assessment button which will provide a questionnaire to be completed by the participant. This is customised by your organisation and will have a numeric scoring system attached to it, This can then be viewed in the personal data section. QR Cover will guide you through the steps to generate a cover page which you can then print and apply to the Job Seeker when uploading information to Job Ready.

    Select the Edit icon in the Personal Data panel, you will have the ability to update the Job Seeker's details.
  4. Job Seeker Personal Data Panel

    There are instances where the details do not update from subscriptions. Below will show you how to edit Job Seeker details within Job Ready.

    From here, you may edit the Job Seeker's details and ensure that it is up to date. As you can see, there are a few mandatory fields (identified by the *) which can not be left blank. 

    Comment (Discreet) is reserved for any comments necessary for the user to note in regards to the participant however this information may be sensitive. Comments made in this section are hidden from view for discretion.

    Then select Update Job Seeker

    Note: Subscriptions will overwrite any changes which are made in the user interface. It is still important that changes are made through ESS first.


    The personal data panel will also display the status of the Job Seeker. Here you can select "Not Work Ready" to move your way through the statuses available to you.


    For example;

    Screen_Shot_2020-08-25_at_1.29.18_pm.pngScreen_Shot_2020-08-25_at_1.29.03_pm.png Screen_Shot_2020-08-25_at_1.28.49_pm.png 

    Note: These statuses will represent those selected by your organisation

  5. Key Information

    The Key Information data panel will display a snapshot of highlighted information specific to the Job Seeker. This information is has been collated by ESS to reflect the most relevant to the user at a glance and is unable to be edited in Job Ready. This can be done in ESS should you require any changes.


  6. ESS Data

    The ESS Data section is a collapsable data panel that reflects a more in-depth description of ESS data.


  7. Alerts

    Alerts will show any actions that are missing form the Job Seeker profile. Once the actions have been performed the alert will disappear from view. 



  8. Info

    In this section you will be able to see any Tags that have been applied to the Job Seeker profile in Job Ready and any Flags that have that have been attached in ESS.






  9. Job Seeker Profile Index list

    This can be viewed as a filing system. The interactive list enables you to view all the information compiled against the Job Seeker. The below list is indicative of any actions that need to be performed and under which section. This is represented in an orange number next to the section. By selecting each section you will be able to perform tasks, upload and view documents, view communications and action requests.






















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