Setting Reminders in Job Seeker Profiles

In Job Ready you can set a Reminder about a job seeker in the job seeker profile. The reminder allows you to add a comment and set recurring reminders.

  1. Find the desired job seeker.

    Click on 'New' tab, then select 'Reminder' in the job seeks profile.

  2. You will then be taken to the 'New Reminder' page. Fields with an asterisk (*) is mandatory.


  3. Set the reminder date by filling in 'Due at' with a date. Then assign the reminder to the correct person and add a comment about the reminder.

  4. You can also set a Repeating Schedule by selecting 'Set schedule'.

    Set the frequency with one of the following: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Enter the number of days the reminder will repeat for. When complete select 'OK'.


  5. In the 'New Reminder' window you can optionally select the number of times the payment will repeat in and a date where the reminder will cease.

  6. When complete select 'Create Reminder'.

    The Reminder will now be set, and you will be able to see it in the My Reminder section on the dashboard

    The reminder can also be viewed in the job seekers profile.

  7. In 'Actions' column, the reminder can be set to complete by clicking on the green tick and the remainder will be moved to the completed section.

    The reminder can also be deleted using the red trash can when no longer required.


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