Change the finance status of an expense


Why is this important?

Statuses are the simplest way to track where an expense is in the reconciliation workflow: that is, consolidating what expenses were raised against what payments occurred. Job ready has ensured this process is as easy as possible so that checks and balances have always been maintained and signed off. 

You can mark a record as ready for the next step in your internal processes, through just a quick click. You choose which statuses are relevant for your organisation!


How it works

Every expense will have two types of statuses. 

  • The status

         This tells the user where the expense is in the approval workflow. 

  • The finance status

    This tells the user where the expense is in the finance reconciliation or jobseeker reimbursement workflow. This is designed for your finance team to use according to your organisation's needs, if and where it is applicable. 

They are a handy tool to manually indicate that an expense reconciliation is:

  • In progress
  • Closed
  • Ready for reimbursement 
  • Read for Finance 
  • Compliance checked


How to edit the finance status

  1. Go to the expense record
  2.  Navigate to the expense toolbar
  3. Select Edit Finance status
  4. Select the new status from the dropdown menu
  5. Click Save
  6. The new status will be displayed in the Invoice details panel of the expense show page


Update finance status in bulk

  1. Go Finance in the job ready main menu
  2. Select All Expenses
  3. Select the expenses you want to update by ticking the checkboxes situated to the left of the individual records.
  4. Select the checkbox in the top left-hand corner to select all the expense records on that particular page
  5. Go to the toolbar of the expense list page
  6. Select Bulk Actions 
  7. Select Update finance status

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