Remove / edit a supplier

Why is this important?

Vendors can change: addresses, contact details, ABNs and trading names. Often, they cease to be a relevant trader. Suppliers should be updated regularly for expenses to be accurate and up to date. That's why editing a supplier record is an important and useful feature.  

Similarly, mistakes happen. Sometimes errors are saved in the system and we need to correct them. 

Editing a supplier lets you:

  • Update supplier details
  • Mark an old, outdated or blacklisted supplier as DO NOT USE
  • Remove an option from the supplier dropdown menu in an expense by marking it as inactive



How it works

You cannot delete a supplier record. Removing a supplier record is performed by editing it as DO NOT USE or editing the Active checkbox.  

When edits are performed:

  • Any edits will override the previous record.
  • All expenses linked to the old supplier, will change to the new supplier details.
    Consider creating a new supplier record with the new supplier details, if you want your existing expenses to remain the same.  


How to edit a supplier

In order to edit a supplier, you will need to have completed the below steps:

You will need:

To remove the supplier from being selected by staff - when they create a new expense

Edit one of the following fields:

  1. Untick the Active box.
  2. Tick DO NOT USE.







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