Access your supplier list page


Why is this important?

Tracking the suppliers in a list report provides a bird's eye view of all suppliers to date. This allows you to:

  • Update details easily
  • Eliminate potential duplicates
  • See which records are no longer in use, and unmark as active
  • Manage vendor relationships 


How it works

Suppliers that you create in Job Ready are stored in the employer's list page, along with all company types. You have to filter to capture the desired company type we are looking for: Suppliers.


How to access the supplier list page

You will need:


The following are common filters you can apply to create customised reports:

  • Exclude do not use 
    • This generates a list of suppliers that have not been ticked as DO NOT USE.

Access the list of active suppliers

You can view which suppliers are Active: meaning, they are available for your staff to select in an expense record. 

  1. Go to Finance from the job ready main menu
  2. Select All Employers
  3. Filters > Company Type
  4. Select ‘Suppliers’ from the dropdown
  5. Click on Apply.
  6. Navigate to the toolbar > Click on Export csv
  7. Go to Exports from the job ready main menu
  8. Click on the red download icon next to the supplier csv 
  9. Open the csv file
  10. Navigate to the Status column

All supplier records with Active in this column will be available for selection when a staff member creates an expense. 

You can edit supplier records to control this dropdown list by unmarking them as Active or marking them as DO NOT USE. 






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