Approve an expense or supplier purchase order


Why is this important?

Approving an expense greenlights its purchase. Approvers are the gatekeepers of how your money gets spent, and accordingly, this process is made as simple and transparent as possible. 

Constant reminders and emails keep approvers and raisers of the expense informed at all times. The expense and approver can be easily traced in the stage of the expense workflow. And approvers do the approving within the expense itself in one spot. All the information is there, in the expense, for the approver to review - so no doubling up on information and sending information back and forth.

How it works

Staff raise an expense and select who will be the approver of that expense. The approver gets to click on the thumbs up for Approved, or Thumbs Down for rejected. 

Expenses are tracked with an approval status of Pending, Approved, Rejected, Canceled or Awaiting 2nd approval to signify its stage and what is required next.

Once an expense or supplier purchase order has been raised, the following actions occur.


The user-selected as the approver of the expense receives:

  • Reminder in the 'Expenses I need to review' dashboard
  • Email prompting them to approve or reject the expense.

    The email address is derived from the one saved in their user profile.

The creator of the expense receives:

  • Reminder in the 'My expenses not actioned' dashboard
  • Email alerting them that the expense has been approved or rejected


How to approve an expense or supplier purchase order


In order to approve an expense or supplier purchase order you will need to have completed the below steps:


  1. Go to the 'Expenses I need to review' dashboard and click on the reminder pertaining to the expense  

    Alternatively, you can:
  • Go to the approval email in your inbox, and click on the link provided
  • Go to Finance > All expenses > Click on the expense record


      2. Consolidate the expense costs and justification for the expense

      3. Go to the toolbar of the expense > Click on Approve or Reject

      4. Enter the reason for approval or rejection.

This reason will appear next to the Approval or Rejection date in the expense details panel.


Did your expense get approved?


Congrats, now you're ready to download your purchase order as a PDF!


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