Create a draft supplier


Why is this important?

In some cases, supplier creation is restricted to admins only. This will depend on what settings you have. (Contact job ready if you would like this set up for you). Creating a draft supplier clears any bottleneck that may arise from users waiting for admins to create suppliers. On tight deadlines, users can still raise an expense - with a draft supplier - for admins to finalise at a later date. They won't be blocked from raising important purchase orders for approval just because the supplier has not been created yet. 

It also provides a convenient shortcut - you don't have to create a supplier first. You can create a supplier within the expense itself.

How it works

Whilst creating a new expense, you will have an opportunity to add a new draft supplier in the very same modal. This saves the expense with a draft supplier. Then, once a user or admin finally creates a new supplier, with those desired supplier details - a master expense editor edits the expense. They select and save the now-active supplier from the dropdown menu.

How to create a draft supplier

You will need:

  • Master expense editor user permission
    1. Finance > New expense
    2. Enter expense details
    3. In the supplier field, enter a new supplier name that you wish to add to the supplier list. 
    4. Click on Add New
    5. Enter the draft supplier details in the fields that appear in the expense
    6. Save expense.
      • A reminder will appear in the Expense pending Supplier creation dashboard
      • This expense will have a Draft icon in the supplier details panel. This denotes that it is still not a published supplier record.
    7. Copy the supplier details in the supplier details panel of the expense 
    8. Go to finance > New Supplier > Paste the details of the draft supplier you have just copied
    9. Click on Save supplier
    10. Users with a Master expense editor permission need to go back to the expense record 
    11. Select the pencil button in the expense details panel 
    12. Select the new supplier from the dropdown
    13. Select Update expense.


The expense is now finalised with an active supplier!

The reminder in the 'Expense pending Supplier creation' dashboard will automatically be removed.




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