Finance integration: Import Payments


Why is this important?

Centralised expense reporting!

The payments import feature lets you reconcile your payments so easily. You can update all your job ready expenses with the purchase details that actually occurred and report on any discrepancies. 


How it works

The integration of payments into the expense records works via an export/import process.
A .csv file is populated according to the template required, and it is simply imported via the import payments feature.

How to import payment details

In order to import payments into expense data you will need to have completed the below steps:

You will need:

  • Payment import CSV template
    Contact job ready to provide this for you, to fill out.
  • Import Payment Details feature enabled in your site
    Contact job ready to enable this in your site.


  1. Populate the Import Payments template in the appropriate columns 
  2. Navigate to Finance in the Job Ready main menu
  3. Click on Expenses 
  4. Select Import Payment Details
  5. Upload the .csv file
  6. Track the progress of the import in Bulk Actions in the Job Ready main menu 


The import CSV will contain the following fields:

VCHRNMBRInvoice Number
DOCDATESupplier Paid Date (DD-MM-YYYY format)

      Once the payments are imported the following will occur:

  • Mark expenses with Supplier Paid date
  • Copy the Expense Amount into the Invoice Panel of the expenses 

      Any payments not matching the expense amount will be flagged as ‘Mismatch’

Mismatch report

All users can run a Payment Mismatch report from Expense Index Page:

  1. Finance > All Expenses
  2. Apply the filter Mismatching Payment Imports?
  3. Select Yes
  4. Click Apply


A list of all expense records that failed to match the payment totals that eventuated, will be displayed.

                                                                                                                              Next: > Upload an invoice



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