Configure invoice tolerance in Admin settings

Why is this important?

Whereas expense records in job ready record the intended purchase details. Invoices record the actual purchase details. Sometimes these are different amounts, by a margin that may be unacceptable to your organisation.

If an actual purchase amount ended up exceeding the approved expense amount by a large margin, you may need to get this re-approved. The invoice tolerance percentage always ensures that the invoice total is within a set percentage of the expense total.



How it works

The invoice tolerance sets the limit to how much the invoice total is allowed to delineate from the expense total, that was first approved. Job ready will force your staff to create a new expense and get approval for it, if the difference exceeds the tolerance percentage you enter in admin settings. You can limit it to any ratio of the total expense value that you want. This will depend on your own internal needs.  


How to set an invoice tolerance percentage

You will need:

  • Admin access


  1. Go to the cog button at the very top of the Job Ready main menu to access admin settings
  2. Scroll down and Click on Expense Invoice Tolerance
  3. Enter the percentage number that is the ratio limit of the invoice total to expense total 
  4. Click on Save.


You're done! 


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