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Why is this important?

The expense list page is your central unit for reporting. It's a full catalog of all your expenses in one place! How handy is that! You'll never lose track of a record. No need to remember the jobseeker, and search for

them first to find an expense, supplier purchase order, or invoice. 


How it works

The Expense index page is a full list of every expense record created to date. This includes all approved expenses as well as those that are still pending approval, canceled, or rejected. You can use filters and export functionality to generate customised reports. It helps you locate expenses based on search criteria, as well as track their progress and share what other staff.  


How to Filter on the expense list page

  1. Go to Finance in the Job Ready main menu
  2. Click on Expenses
  3. Navigate to the toolbar and click on Add Filter
  4. Enter the text of the filter name, referring to the list below, or select a filter from the drop-down menu. 
  5. Select Apply
  6. Repeat steps 3. to 5.to add multiple filters.
    • This will create even more targeted and niche reports.
    • The more unique and specific the filter criteria, such as dates and price totals, the easier it will be to find the information you are looking for.

      Save filters

  7. Once you have amounted the filters you want, Navigate to the toolbar and select Save Search. 
  8. Name the filter combination / report you have just generated. 
  9. Press Save.
    • This will save the filters for future use so that you don't have to apply multiple filters from scratch  each time you generate a report.  
  10. Select Saved Search from the toolbar to access the report you have just saved.
    • The filters will automatically appear in the toolbar
  11. Click Apply to action the saved filters. 


Full list of available filter names

Filter nameExampleWhat it is
Programme TypeDES, ParentsNextThe programme of the jobseeker that the expense was raised for 
TypeRent and Crisis AccommodationExpense types. These are configured inAdmin settings. 
Supplier Bunnings WarehouseVendor supplying the goods and services, wage subsidy or jobseeker reimbursement. Can be your own organisation. 
Jobseeker nameJohn HiggensName of the customer
Jobseeker ID88587773ESS identifier attached to the customer
StatusApproved, Pending, CancelledState of the expense in the approval workflow
Finance StatusRe-imbursemnt Claimed, ready for financeExport to finance system, finance recognises closed
Finance team, makes sure  accounting system 
Active?Yes / No 
Export State*Ready for commitment, Waiting for approval

*This will apply to JobActive programme only
Employment Fund- claim state 
Date of service / Purchase01/02/2021Date the services and goods were delivered or purchased 
Created By John HAMMUser who raised the expense
ApproverVeronica AnassisUser who approved the expense
Second ApproverMichael GmileyUser that is the second level approver. Only applies to expenses configured for 2nd approvers in Admin settings.
Rejected By Mike MacdonaldApprover who rejected the expense approval
Total price$1009.90Total price including GST, if applies
Payment TypeInvoiceMethod the expense was paid via
PO numberPO69Purchase Order reference number. Is generated when an expense or supplier PO is created. 
Reference ID899Unique database id - 

Export your reports in a csv file

Once you have created your dream report using filters, you can start sharing with other staff members!


You will need:

  • Export CSV user permission enabled

  1. Go to Finance in the Job Ready main menu
  2. Click on Expenses
  3. Navigate to the toolbar
  4. Click on Export Csv
    • The report will download to your PC.
  5. Click on Exports in the Job Ready Main menu to Check the progress of the report download.

Full list of fields you can access in a Finance csv:

  • Programme
  • Ticket ID
  • Job Seeker ID
  • Job Seeker Name
  • Employer Name
  • Brokered/FOE
  • Claim Type
  • Claim Rate Type
  • Amount Ex GST
  • GST
  • Amount Inc GST
  • Due Date
  • Last Day To Claim
  • Site Name
  • Claim State
  • Claim ESS ID
  • Claim Date
  • Job ID
  • Member name
  • Job Seeker Status
  • Job Seeker
  • Job Seeker Site Code
  • Phase
  • Job Seeker DES Program
  • Job Seeker Case Manager
  • Claim Status

Exporting .csv files are something that is used across many features of job ready; not just finance.

Now that you've mastered this, you'll find reporting for other records a sinch!

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