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Why is this important?

Whereas expenses let you raise the intended costs to be approved, invoices record the actual expense events that eventuated. Invoices get attached to the expense record after the purchase. They let you reconcile the actual date of purchase, supplier paid dates, and purchase amounts against the DETAILS that were initially approved.  Most importantly, any invoice that deviates too much from what was approved will be flagged for escelation. 

How it works

Each expense record will have an invoice panel that stores the related invoice data. Admins or expense master editors enter the invoice details and attach an invoice document or receipt if applicable.  If the invoice amount differs by a margin greater than the invoice tolerance percentage that has been configured in admin settings, the expense has to be cancelled and re-approved with the correct amounts. 


How to attach an invoice to an expense 

In order to associate an invoice to an expense you will need to have completed the below steps:


You will need:

  • Admin access 
  1. Go to Finance from the Job Ready main menu
  2. Click on Expenses
  3. Click on the expense record you wish to add invoice details for
  4. Go to the Invoice panel
  5. Click on the pencil icon
  6. Add the appropriate fieldsmceclip1.png
    1. Enter an invoice number to track the invoice for reporting purposes. 
    2. Date that the invoice was raised. Usually, this will be today's date, but this field can be back-dated if the invoice was actioned in the past. 
    3. Populates all the invoice fields automatically with those present in the expense record
    4. Invoice total amount including GST
    5. Date that the goods and services were actually supplied. 
    6. Tick to indicate the invoice total you have entered in [4] includes GST. Unticking this checkbox will lock the Invoice GST field. This is because GST in this instance does not apply and no data needs to be entered.
    7. The GST amount of the invoice total, if GST applies. 
    8. Upload the invoice document or receipt (.doc or pdf) here.

      Once saved this file is uploaded and saved, a shortcut will appear in the expense record of the expense index page:mceclip2.pngThe invoice file will also be available to view in the Documents tab of the expense record.
    9. Claim amount. For employment fund (jobactive programme). Enter the claim amount that you have recorded in ESS, if applicable. 
    10. Finance system export date. Enter the date that you exported from your external finance system, if applicable or part of your workflow. This may or may not be imported into job ready. It is just recording the date it was exported from another system. 
    11. Mismatching payment imports. Tick if you imported paymentsAnd they do not match the amount in the invoice.
    12. Date the supplier was paid for the goods and services. This is often a different date to when the invoice was raised. 
  7. Click on Update Expense


If the invoice total differs from the expense total more than the invoice tolerance margin that has been set in admin settings, an error message will appear. 


You will need to cancel the expense, and re-create an expense for approval with the accurate amount. 


If the invoice is rejected due to invoice tolerance

You will need:

  1. Click on the x to close the invoice modal
  2. Navigate to the toolbar of the expense
  3. Click on Cancel Expense
  4. Go to the relevant jobseeker 
  5. Go to the toolbar of the jobseeker show page
  6. Click on New > Expense 
  7. This time, enter the item costs that reflect the invoice amount for approval
  8. Allocate an approver
  9. Click Save the expense
  10. Once the new expense is approved, Re-enter the invoice details by following the steps outlined in this article above.


    The invoice totals are now within the invoice tolerance limit, so you will be able to save the invoice. 

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