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Why is this important?

The government gives allocation of funds to provide e the employment fund - a balance to spend on jobseekers for activities, or to spend to on getting jobseekers to stay in work. Effective reporting makes sure you get the finds required to provide these services. 


How it works

All the expense claims that have been committed and reimbursed in ESS can be marked as such in job ready. Commitment and reimbursement occurs in job ready via an import / export process. This is achieved by exporting expense data into the ESS bulk commitment facility and re-importing the ESS export into job ready. Then, the commitment and reimbursement details will be recorded in the expense.

How to Commit and Reimburse 

In order to commit and reimburse an expense you will need to have completed the below steps:

You will need:

  • jobactive programme enabled in your site
  • Admin access

  1. Go to Finance in the Job Ready main menu
  2. Click on All expenses
  3. Add filter > Select the desired filter in order to narrow down the expenses you wish to target
  4. Select the expenses you want to commit or reimburse.
    • Tick the check boxes on the far left of the individual records, to select he expenses one-by-one.
    • Tick the very top checkbox to the left of the Programme column if you want to select all expenses on the current page.
    • Do not tick any records if you want to select all the records on all pages.


  1. Go to the toolbar > Bulk Actions 
  2. Select either to:
    • Commit
    • Reimburse
    • Both
  3. A pre-emptive report of the claims that are able to be committed or reimbursed from the records selected will be listed, as well as the claims that will fail to be committed and reimbursed. The records that will fail are hyperlinked to the individual records with reasons for failure.
    • The following expenses will not be able to be re-committed or reimbursed:
      • Have already been exported for commitment
      • Committed previously
      • Missing a supplied date
    • The exported for commitment dates will now be displayed in the ESS Claim Details panel of the expense record.
  4. Go to Bulk Actions from the Job Ready main menu
  5. Scroll down and navigate to the commit and reimbursement you just performed
  6. Click on Download.
    • An xml file will download to your desktop.
  7. Upload the xml you just downloaded into ESS bulk commitment facility.
    • ESS will process this file and provide you with an output file.
  8. Go to Exports from the Job Ready Main menu
  9. Select ESS Output File directly next to the file you downloaded originally
  10. Upload the ESS output file

That's it! Simple as that...

Your expenses will now display the commitment and reimbursement information in the ESS Claim Details Panel of the expense showpage. 

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