End to End: Configure finance and expense admin settings

Why is this important?

Admin settings are the backbone of all finance features in job ready. They must be configured before you can perform tasks such as creating a purchase order, committing and reimbursing, canceling an expense, and more! Primarily, admin settings define the categories that your expense records and their elements can be grouped by for reporting purposes. They also allow the set up of purchase order templates, approver lists, and other user permissions.



How it works

Various settings in admin settings are dedicated to dictating finance options. As an admin user, you can:

  • set the options that your staff can select from, whenever they record details in an expense
  • determine which users can perform certain tasks via their user profiles
  • design the purchase order that will be used in the system
  • dictate by which margin invoices can stray from approved expense amounts   


How to configure finance admin settings

Follow the steps below to set up the basic suite of finance features in job ready.


You will need:

To fully set up finance in Job Ready, follow the below steps:



Made it through the whole list?

Well done, You've fully set up finance!

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