Add a supplier to Job Ready


Why is this important?

You cannot raise an expense for a supplier, without creating a supplier record first. 

You will also have vendor contact details and billing information that needs to be stored and traced effectively in the system. Supplier records let you attach them to expenses so that suppliers can be traced across all your purchases. 


How it works

Whereas Employers in job ready are for allocating jobseekers to placements, suppliers are companies that receive expense claims. Therefore, in order to pay an employer a wage subsidy, a supplier record with that employer’s details is created first.

  • Unlike employers, suppliers cannot be pushed to ESS.
  • Creating a supplier can be for all users or constricted to admins.

    Contact job ready to set up these permissions in your site based on your preference for either user or admin restrictions for supplier creation.

How to add a supplier to Job Ready 

Add a single supplier

You will need:

  • Admin access, if applicable.

    Contact job ready to for feedback on if your site needs admin access for supplier creation.
  1. Click on Finance from the Job Ready main menu
  2. Select Add New Supplier
  3. Enter the appropriate details in the supplier modal:
    1. The user that is overseeing the supplier account or the main contact for the supplier. 
    2. Indicates if you want the supplier to be available for selection in the supplier field when creating an expense. 
    3. The site that is allocated to this supplier. Suppliers with multiple locations can be designated for use for specific sites.
      • Example:
        • Bunnings Milperra will be allocated to the site Milperra.
    4. The ABN of the supplier. If it is unknown, Select LOOK UP ABN to access the government directory to source the ABN from the legal name. 
    5. Default own organisation. Select if it is your own company that will be supplying the goods or services to the jobseeker(s). 
    6. Default related entity, if applicable.
    7. The supplier's trading name
    8. The supplier's legal name. Select LOOK UP ABN to locate the legal name from the ABN if it is unknown.
    9. The supplier address line one. Address line 1 is the street address.
    10. Supplier's Phone number
    11. Address line 2. Usually refers to the supplier's apartment or apartment number, if applicable.
    12. Fax number
    13. Address line 3. Usually, the block number, if applies.
    14. Email
    15. Supplier's address suburb 
    16. ANZIC number. This is an Industry government code, if applicable. 
    17. Supplier's State
    18. Supplier's Postcode
    19. Second ANZIC number
    20. External reference. A reference number that your organisation can allocate to track the supplier. This is based on your organisation's internal logic and at your own discretion.
  4. Select Save Supplier

If the ABN already exists in another supplier record in the system, you will receive a warning message with a prompt to view the existing record.

Select Save duplicate supplier to ignore the warning and create the supplier with the same ABN.



Add suppliers in bulk

You will need:

  • Supplier template .csv
  • Supplier Bulk upload feature enabled in your site

    Contact job-ready to provide both items for you

  1. Populate all the fields in the columns of the .csv Supplier template
  2. Ensure under the HOLD column, all the fields have a value of "1".
  3. Go to Finance from the Job Ready main menu
  4. Select Import Suppliers
  5. Upload the completed csv template
  6. Select a site to allocate to the suppliers. All suppliers will have this site defined in their profile once saved.
  7. Select Import Suppliers

How good is that? You're ready to create an expense for this supplier!


But first, learn how to view the suppliers you add to the system... 

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