Create a Supplier Purchase Order



Why is this important?

Supplier Purchase Orders allow you to approve goods and services that will be supplied to multiple jobseekers at a time.

User Scenario:

You've bought a seminar from a training provider. It's for several jobseekers who will be in attendance. You need to raise a purchase order for it.


How it works

A supplier purchase order is an umbrella that houses multiple expenses.

You create a supplier purchase order with one supplier.  Then, create an expense for each jobseeker being serviced within that container. All expenses will share the same supplier. 


How to create a supplier purchase order

To create a supplier purchase order, you will need to have completed the below steps:

You will need:

  • The feature Supplier Purchase Order enabled in your site.
    • Contact Job Ready to enable this feature for you.
  • A Supplier Purchase Order template created, ready for Job Ready Staff to insert the relevant merge fields before uploading into your instance.

 How to Create a Supplier Purchase Order

  1. Go to Finance in the Job Ready main menu
  2. Select ‘New Purchase Order’
  3. Enter the appropriate details in the modal that appears.
    1. The supplier of an expense record is the recipient of the funds for the purchase order. They are the organisation providing the goods and services.
      • Type two or more characters of the supplier name to select from the dropdown menu of suppliers you have created in Job Ready. 
    2. Today's date. Signifies the date the supplier purchase order is being raised.  
    3. Expense Payment Type. Payment types in the expense modal must be selected to indicate the method that the purchase will be processed. These are configured in Create Payment Types in Admin Settings.
    4. Related entity
    5. Tick if the supplier of the goods and services is your organisation.
      • All Suppliers with this ticked can be filtered for in Finance > Expenses > Add filter > Own organisation? 
    6. Provider to pay
    7. The reason that the expense needs to be raised. This will be visible on the expense record and the email to the approver. 
  4. Select Create a purchase order. 
    • The purchase order will load in your browser.

      Now you are ready to start adding expenses.

      Link expenses to the supplier purchase order

  5. Go to the Expenses tab 
  6. Select plus (+)
  7. Enter at least the first two characters of the jobseeker name of the jobseeker who will be receiving this expense.
  8. Select the jobseeker from the dropdown menu. 
  9. Enter the expense details for the items being purchased for this jobseeker.

    1. The jobseeker that will be receiving the goods or services. The name can still be edited at this stage in the process.
    2. The Expense type for items being purchased, including Wage subsidy expense types. The list to choose from will be the expense types configured in admin settings.
    3. Site
      • This is automatically populated by the site the job seeker is attached to. The site can be edited if required.
    4. Expense type. The user can select from a dropdown menu of expense types to categorise the purchase order, including wage subsidies.
    5. Justification field. This is the reason that the expense needs to be raised. This will be visible on the expense record. Describes the context behind the purchase to assist your approver in deciding to approve the item(s).
    6. Date of service or purchase. This is the date the goods or service was processed. Will default to today's date. 
    7. The item being purchased name from this supplier
    8. Quantity of the item being purchased from this supplier
    9. Price of the item being purchased from this supplier
    10. Tick if GST applies to the costs outlined in the purchase. Some items will not include GST.  The expense will default to GST applied. 
    11. The approver of the expense is allocated by selecting from a dropdown menu of users in the expense modal under the field ‘Approver
      • The following will auto-generate and be locked from editing:
        • Total cost of the items
        • Total GST 
        • Supplier name.
          • This will be the supplier you entered when you first created the supplier purchase order.
  10. Select Create Allocated Expense
  11. Repeat steps 6. to 10. to create multiple expenses for the other jobseekers being serviced by this supplier, if applicable.
  12. Go the purchase order toolbar and select Finalise, once all the jobseekers' allocated expense items have been created.
  13. Select an approver from the dropdown menu.
  14. Click Finalise purhase order


You're finally done!

Each allocated expense will have a unique expense ID, all sharing the same Purchase Order reference number. 


Well done. You're ready to download your purchase order into a PDF!

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