Create a general expense



Why is this important?

Expenses records are the building blocks of your financial data. An expenses also called a 'general expense', is a raised purchase order in the system. 

Expenses let you record and manage the following purchases:

  • Wage subsidy expenses 
  • Clothing and training
  • Job Seeker reimbursements


How it works

There are two ‘categories’ of expenses in Job Ready. 

  1. Employment Fund
  2. Non-employment Fund

Employment Fund (jobactive)

  • Categories prescribed by ESS to support the bulk claiming facility
  • Drive the ESS Claim State on expenses

Non-Employment Fund (all programmes)

  • All other jobseeker expenditure types.


How to Create a general expense purchase order

  1. Enter the desired Job Seeker’s show page
  2. Select New in the toolbar > and then Expense
  3. Select the expense tab 
  4. Select +
    1. Type
    2. Site
    3. Expense Payment Type 
    4. Indicates the method that the purchase will be processed. The drop-down list is configured in Admin settings.
    5. The supplier of an expense record is the recipient of the funds for the purchase order.
      • Type two or more characters of the supplier name or ABN and selecting from the drop-down menu of suppliers that appear.
    6. This is the reason that the expense needs to be raised. This will be visible on the expense details panel an email notification to the approver. 
    7. Date of service or purchase. This is the date the goods or service was processed. Will default to today's date.  
    8. Adds additional items that are being expensed on the purchase order. When you select +  more descriptions and price fields will emerge for you to populate. You can add as many items as needed.
    9. The item being purchased name from this supplier
    10. Quantity of the item being purchased from this supplier
    11. Price of the item being purchased from this supplier
    12. Tick if GST applies to the costs outlined in the purchase. Some items will not include GST.  The expense will default to GST applied. 
    13. The approver of the expense. The list of approvers will be based on the expense approval limit that has been entered in users' profiles in Admin Settings.
      • The following will auto-generate and be locked from editing:
        • Total cost of the items
        • Total GST 
  5. Click on Create Expense.





Now it's time for this to get approved. Are you ready?

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