Add Job Match attributes to a Smart Form


Answers in a quest form will become job match attributes in the record of the jobseeker that the form is about. 


How it works

Your job in admin settings is to tell job-ready which answers in Quest you want job match attributes to appear for. If any! 


There are two settings components to setting this up In admin settings:

  • Smart form settings: The Job Match section
    This controls the parts of the form you want to automate into JMAs
  • Job Attributes Settings
    The targetted responses must be listed in this area for the function to work


How to add job match attributes

In order to add job match attributes to your smart form, you will first need to have completed the following steps:

  1. Create a basic smart form in admin settings


You will need

  • Admin access in Job Ready


  1. Access admin settings: Click on the cog icon at the very top of the Job Ready main menu on the home page 
  2. Go to Smart forms
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to the form you want to add assessments outcome for

The assessment modal will expand. 

This feature will custom text and flags of your choosing based on score brackets. The total score is a sum of the scores that have been entered in the Quest form responses. You can tailor the range of the score to the status and attach a text to the outcome. 



From and To:

The score bracket you want the text and flag to appear for. 

Status: Determines the colour of the flag corresponds to different levels. 


  • Low - Green
  • Moderate - Yellow
  • High - Red


Text: The text is the assessment outcome text used to help understand what the score means.

When completed the score, flag and outcome will be displayed in the personal data panel.


You can add as many assessment outcomes as you like! Keep selecting Add Assessment Outcomes for lots of assessment outcome text pieces based on many score brackets. 

There are only three potential statuses and flag colours.

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