Add scores to a Quest form

Why is this important?

Your assessments will sometimes have certain benchmarks. 

Assessment score instantly let the user know how risky or eligible a jobseeker is based on the outcome of their assessment, 


How does it work?

Scores are added to your responses in the New Field modal.

You can only add scores for Likert, Radio Button, and Dropdowns.

These will calculate a total once a form is submitted. The score will be displayed in the forms panel and in the jobseeker show page if you have configured it as a smart form. 


You will need 

  1. Navigate to the Quest site by entering the URL in your browser
  2. From the All forms list, Click on the desired form and section
  3. Click on the label (question) you want to apply scores to
  4. In the Element field, ensure you have dropdown, likert or radio button selected
  5. Add response options under Add Options
  6. Enter scores in the fields next to the responses. The scoring will be based on your own internal scoring matrix, and select Update Field. 

Now your responses will have scores attached.
When a user submits a form the total score will be visible in the forms panel of the record it was submitted from.
Want to set assessment outcomes based on these scores?
Configure the form as a smart form.
It also lets you display assessment outcomes based on the brackets of total score reach.

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